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Clever ideas to use Christmas tree ornaments as room decorations

“So this is Christmas …”. You probably remember the famous song that John Lennon and Yoko Ono sang in 1971. I personally hear it every year in the run-up to Christmas and get in the mood for the upcoming festival. This year I want to create a magical atmosphere at home for Christmas and invite good friends. For this reason, I researched festive Christmas decorations. Now I have clever ideas for how to use the Christmas tree ornaments as room decorations. You don’t necessarily have to decorate a Christmas tree and then place it in the living room or hallway. Today I’m going to show you other, humbly said fantastic ways to decorate your home with Christmas tree ornaments. Of course, this is about traditional Christmas balls and glittering stars, without which your Christmas jewelry simply cannot do. Put your imagination and creativity into play and start decorating your four walls for Christmas today.

At Christmas it shines and glitters everywhere.

Christbaumornamente als Raumdeko dunkelrote Weihnachtskugeln in Glas Kerzen weiße Orchidee

  • Christmas tree ornaments as room decorations? The Christmas balls are undisputedly the favorites!

We are all used to seeing the Christmas balls hanging on the Christmas tree. Yes, but you can also use it to create fantastic room decorations without spending a lot of money. For example, you can put them in a frame and hang them up anywhere as decoration. You can arrange glittering balls in a large bowl, on a tray or in glasses and thus have great eye-catchers here and there in the room. They fit on the festive dining table as well as on the mantelpiece, coffee table, chest of drawers or even on the kitchen island. The Christmas tree ornaments cut a fine figure as room decorations. Take further inspiration from the following pictures!

An easy DIY project with Christmas balls in a frame.

Christbaumornamente als Raumdeko verschiedenfarbige Weihnachtskugeln im Rahmen am Fenster aufgehängt

Christmas balls of different sizes, but in nuances of pink and beige that go well together, are arranged here with a little pine green in a bowl.

Christbaumornamente als Raumdeko

Glittering red Christmas balls in a large glass

Christbaumornamente als Raumdeko glitzernde rote Weihnachtskugeln im großen Glas arrangiert

The Christmas tree ornaments in silver, snow white and icy blue are very trendy.

Christbaumornamente als Raumdeko in Silber Schneeweiß in eisigem Blau sehr trendy

Arranged here on a cake stand.

Christbaumornamente als Raumdeko in Silber Schneeweiß in eisigem Blau auf einer Etagere

The colors and patterns on the Christmas balls are simply adorable! There are endless variations, so you can choose the best for your interior depending on your mood. The Christmas tree ornaments as a room decoration can be used in contrast to the rest of the room design and thus set great accents. But if you are into certain colors, then choose your Christmas balls in these exactly. In this way you can also create great eye-catchers that are seamlessly inscribed in the interior.

Balls in different bright colors and with different patterns can be used as room decorations.

Christbaumornamente als Raumdeko Weihnachtskugeln in grellen Farben unterschiedliche Muster blaue Schleife etwas Grün

Great idea for all music fans: the Christmas balls can also be labeled….

Christbaumornamente als Raumdeko eine Kugel in Notenpapier umwickeln oder beschriften

…. Or decorate it with rhinestones.

Christbaumornamente als Raumdeko eine Kugel mit Strasssteinen verzieren

  • Favorite # 2 among the Christmas tree ornaments as room decorations are the stars!

Can you imagine Christmas without poinsettias? We hardly think so. These have always been an inseparable part of the Christmas tree ornaments as room decorations. You can buy magically shining stars at every Christmas market or make them yourself, again with balls and other jewelry. Take a look at the next two decorating ideas.

You can make a poinsettia with rhinestones yourself….

Christbaumornamente als Raumdeko einen Weihnachtsstern mit Strasssteinen selber basteln

Or assemble star-shaped wooden frames and place shiny balls in them. The effect is always overwhelming!

Christbaumornamente als Raumdeko Holzrahmen in Sternform Weihnachtskugeln darin arrangieren

  • Garlands and wreaths are among the must-haves of Christmas decorations!

Garlands and wreaths also make great Christmas decorations. With it you not only decorate the living room, but also the house entrance. The garlands find a good use in the stairwell, because they can be hung on railings and reinforce the festive atmosphere at home. However, this does not exhaust the possibilities, because garlands can still be hung on the mantelpiece and of course on the Christmas tree itself. If you want more glamor in your room decoration for Christmas, then you can make glittering garlands from Christmas balls yourself! Combine with some pine green and voila! You can then hang these Christmas tree ornaments as room decorations anywhere and be absolutely sure that you are not doing anything wrong!

Garlands of fir green and colorful Christmas balls decorate the stairwell.

Christbaumornamente als Raumdeko Girlanden aus Tannengrün und eihnachtskugeln im Treppenhaus

… but also the Christmas tree itself!

Christbaumornamente als Raumdeko Girlanden aus Weihnachtskugeln am Christbaum

With a wreath of colorful balls you can achieve a WOW effect!

Christbaumornamente als Raumdeko Kranz aus bunten Kugeln WOW Effekt

If you prefer to do this in neutral colors….

Christbaumornamente als Raumdeko Kranz aus Weihnachtskugeln in neutralen Farben

The above also applies to wreaths. You can make unique masterpieces yourself from glittering, colorful Christmas balls with a little green. You can use it to decorate the front door, an empty wall or the hallway. You can find out exactly how to make a wreath from Christmas balls yourself in the following video:

In short, the Christmas tree ornaments as room decorations can be used very skillfully in different ways. Combine these with artificial snow, sequins or crochet blankets and you have created something unique! So bring your creativity to light and fill your home with the festive spirit of Christmas!

Your Christmas tree could look different this year, right?

Christbaumornamente als Raumdeko Christbaum aus Tannengrün und weißen Weihnachtskugeln hängt von der Decke

Christbaumornamente als Raumdeko einen kleinen Christbaum formen rote und grüne Kugeln Schleife Stern

Let your creativity play!

Christbaumornamente als Raumdeko weiße und rote Kugeln etwas Grün hängender Raumschmuck

Christbaumornamente als Raumdeko hängender Schmuck an dem Kronleuchter

It’s Christmas everywhere!

Christbaumornamente als Raumdeko Girlanden Lichter am Geländer im Treppenhaus

Merry Christmas!

Christbaumornamente als Raumdeko hängende Weihnachtskugeln im rustikalen Stil

Christbaumornamente als Raumdeko silberne Weihnachtskugel rote Schleife

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