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Clever tips on how to make the veranda look like spring

It is not easy for all of us for a whole year. Because of the corona pandemic, we should stay at home most of the time and change our everyday routines in many ways. After the long winter, we finally hope that the situation will improve. The next few weeks will tell whether this happens or not. Everyone can now look forward to the coming spring. Its breath can already be felt. Outside, the temperatures are slowly rising and the first spring flowers are modestly showing their first leaves in the snow. So it is high time to think about the open terrace or veranda. If you have one, consider yourself lucky. Today we present clever tips on how to make your veranda look like spring. This will enable you to create a cozy outdoor retreat where you can spend your free time over the next few months. Despite the coronavirus and the resulting restrictions!

Do you want to make your veranda look like spring?

Veranda frühlingshaft gestalten schöne Gartenblumen verschiedene Farben kunterbunt runder Kaffeetisch ein Stuhl Sitzkissen

Then have them embedded entirely in green!

Veranda frühlingshaft gestalten Holztisch Metallstühle junges Mädchen weißes Polstersofa üppige grüne Pflanzen

Why do you need to make your porch look like spring?

In the following lines we want to show you how you can create something great out of a limited space. You don’t necessarily need a large yard or backyard to turn it into your green oasis in the open air. But on the contrary! Even a small veranda or open terrace that is close to the house can turn into your favorite place in the open air. There you can experience a lot of peace and quiet and perfect relaxation over the next few months and successfully reduce everyday stress. Especially in the Corona times, we want to be undisturbed and enjoy our time in the open air to the fullest. It doesn’t matter whether you stay there alone or often with your partner. The spring-like veranda offers enough space, even for several people, if you might invite a small group of friends over.

Simple garden furniture and seat cushions offer enough space for everyone who likes to linger outdoors.

Veranda frühlingshaft gestalten einfache Gartenmöbel fröhliche Farben Sitzkissen viel Grün eine Wohlfühloase schaffen

In the morning you can enjoy your breakfast here and listen to the birds singing.

Veranda frühlingshaft gestalten Frühstückstisch einfache Outdoor Möbel gemütliche Atmosphäre vie Grün ansprechende Farben

Tip # 1: First, choose the style for making your porch spring-like

First determine the style in which you want to make the veranda spring-like. This mostly depends on the furnishing style in the house, because the veranda has to be seen as an extension of the interior. A strong trend at the moment is that furniture is being taken outside at the beginning of spring. Yes, you need the same comfort on the veranda that you have in your living room. It is not for nothing that the open terrace is often referred to as a living room outside. This means you can choose the style on the veranda in full harmony with your interior design. Here everything depends on your personal preferences. That is why we show cleverly designed verandas in different styles in our picture gallery. The range goes from boho style to classic design to Scandinavian designs. That means there is something for every taste.

A boho style veranda has to be colorful.

Veranda frühlingshaft gestalten im Boho Style ethnische Elemente Kissen Sitzbank vorne Hängematte im Hintergrund viele grüne Pflanzen

Beauty lies in simplicity.

Veranda frühlingshaft gestalten einfache Einrichtung runder Tisch aus Holz Plastikstühle Hocker Grill

Veranda frühlingshaft gestalten zwei gelbe Stühle zwei Baumstämme einfache aber schöne Einrichtung

Veranda frühlingshaft gestalten gepoltertes Sofa Metallstühle runder Tisch gelbe Kissen Dachterrasse

Here you have shown a lot of style and high taste and created great contrasts.

Veranda frühlingshaft gestalten in schwarz und weiß viel Stil und Geschmack zeigen Kontraste schaffen Holzboden

Tip # 2: In which colors can you design the veranda like spring?

Like the furnishing style, the color palette is more of an impression of your own personality. But since we give tips for designing the veranda like springtime, we recommend the following: Choose a cheerful color palette that will always put you in a good mood. First of all, you need a lot of green on the veranda and all around so that you feel in the middle of nature. Then you can choose beautiful blooming garden flowers in pots or flower boxes. There are such flowers that delight us for months with their beautiful and slightly fragrant flowers. The dominant colors here should be yellow, orange and all shades of red. Combine these with some white and blue and you get a motley palette that will only delight you to stay outside longer. You can complete the color palette on your spring-like veranda with the outdoor furniture and decoration. We will report on this in the next paragraph.

Happy spring colors, floral patterns and the green of the lawn create a festive atmosphere outside.

Veranda frühlingshaft gestalten festlich gedeckter Tisch draußen gute Stimmung fröhliche Farben florale Muster das Hellgrün des Rasens

Does your oasis of well-being look the same outside?

Veranda frühlingshaft gestalten Terrasse Wohlfühloase draußen Korbsessel Sitzbank Holz Topfpflanzen Vasen mit zarten Frühlingsblüten

On this small terrace, nature harmonises with the colors of the table that has already been laid.

Veranda frühlingshaft gestalten üppige Pflanzen ringsherum Harmonie kleiner Tisch gedeckt

Tip # 3: Matching furniture and decorations on the spring-like veranda

Matching outdoor furniture for the patio or veranda is a big topic for yourself. Here we just want to advise you to choose comfortable pieces of furniture for your oasis of wellbeing outside. Because on the veranda you don’t have to do without the comfort that you have inside in the house. Soft upholstered furniture in appealing colors is one of the must-haves outdoors. You can opt for a sitting area with a sofa and armchairs where you can read and relax. Often a small coffee corner is designed with simple chairs and a round metal table. This bistro style goes great on the veranda in spring. But also for all warm months in which you spend a lot of time in the open air. Carpet is also a must, especially if you have a canopy. This immediately creates a feeling of cosiness. Some decorative pieces such as small figures, decorative pillows, lamps, lanterns and the like complete the decor of the veranda.

A cozy outdoor living room!

Veranda frühlingshaft gestalten Korbsessel rote Polsterung Blickfang Teppich Tisch viele bunte Pflanzen Blumenkasten Ampel üppiges Grün

Hanging flowers in soft colors make the atmosphere on the veranda even more romantic.

Veranda frühlingshaft gestalten hängende Blüten in sanften Farben Kaffeeecke romantische Atmosphäre

Pure comfort for all lovers of the exotic!

Veranda frühlingshaft gestalten Gemütlichkeit pur exotische Pflanzen Schlaf und Sitzmatratze

Tip # 4: Also think of suitable privacy and sun protection for the veranda in springtime

Last but not least, we want to address this aspect as well. Since you are sure to use your veranda to the full for months, it is advisable to think about good privacy and sun protection when designing it in the spring. Usually an opaque fence and / or garden wall will do the job and ensure your privacy outside. Combine this with tall evergreen shrubs or trees and you are perfectly protected from prying eyes. And since it can get really hot in summer and the summer sun shines brightly, you definitely need a parasol or other covering over the veranda. How you protect yourself from the strong sensory rays is up to you.

Now take some time to calmly look at the following pictures. You can certainly draw further inspiration from this for the veranda in springtime! Have fun, stay healthy and spend unforgettable time outdoors in the fresh air!

Behind the garden fence you are well protected from prying eyes.

Veranda frühlingshaft gestalten guter Sichtschutz vor fremden Blicken aus Holz

Here you can spend a lot of time outdoors undisturbed.

Veranda frühlingshaft gestalten Gartenmauer viel Grün Ecksofa Hängesessel Lichterkette Teppich niedriger Tisch Deko Kissen Wurfdecken

Beautiful garden flowers, evergreen shrubs, and tall trees are undoubtedly the best garden decorations.

Veranda frühlingshaft gestalten blaue Hortensien Steinfiguren Sitzecke in Grün gebettet hohe Mauer

Veranda frühlingshaft gestalten kunterbunt zahlreiche blühende Pflanzen weiße Kletterpflanzen schöne Blumen in Töpfen bunte Kissen Decke

Veranda frühlingshaft gestalten kleine Sitzecke zum Kaffeetrinken runder Tisch vier Sessel blaue Sitzkissen viel Lauffläche weiße Hortensien rundherum

Veranda frühlingshaft gestalten Blumen in Kästen Töpfen einfache Einrichtung gemütliche Atmosphäre

Veranda frühlingshaft gestalten im rustikalen Stil alter Metallschrank Eimer Sessel in der Ecke viele grüne Pflanzen

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