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Climbing frame in your own garden and its advantages for child development

Climbing frames and climbing equipment have been around for a long time. They were introduced and built in Germany in the 19th century to improve the physical, mental and moral development of children. Perhaps you remember the old metal scaffolding for climbing in parks and city gardens. These differ significantly from the beautifully crafted masterpieces that can be seen in playgrounds these days. Climbing, whether on a jungle gym or just climbing a ladder or tree, can be very beneficial for the child.

A climbing frame offers many advantages for child development

climbing frame with slide from fatmoose

Climbing frames for the home are increasingly in demand

A few years ago, only wealthy people could afford climbing frames for their children. In the meantime, however, a lot has changed. The demand for climbing frames has increased and the demand has been met, causing the prices of such items to decrease. And now a climbing frame for your own garden is no longer a luxury.

This allows parents to do something around the house without losing sight of their children while they play in the backyard. So it is worth investing in climbing equipment to create an exciting and stimulating play environment in your own home. High-quality brands such as Fatmoose, for example, offer you even more: playful combinations in the form of play towers and entire playgrounds with lots of slides, swings and rope ladders for little adventurers.

Climbing frames give children the freedom to climb and play in their own garden

fatmoose climbing frame with play tower

Climbing from an early age

Climbing is a skill that toddlers naturally master. You start climbing the stairs or, for example, getting off the floor onto the couch when you are a baby. This is something that children do intuitively and it is very important for their cognitive, emotional, physical and social development. Climbing actually helps children improve their motor skills. Therefore, a climbing frame can be of great importance for the development of your child and is not just a toy.

Climbing is fun too!

Climbing is not only a challenge for the child, it is also a lot of fun. After climbing a climbing frame, the child is happy to slide down a slide and reach the ground again. And so is later in life too. First you have to make an effort and only then will you be rewarded.

Climbing is fun for children and contributes to their physical and mental development

climbing frame by fatmoose made of wood

Turn the garden into a playground

If you have the opportunity, turn your garden into a play paradise for your child. You can buy a complete children’s climbing tower with a swing attachment. Or opt for a garden swing and a slide and use the trees in your garden as an original way to climb. You can use climbing nets, ladders and wooden rungs creatively. A tree house, for example, is always a good idea.

Climbing tower with slide and swings

Fatmoose climbing frame made of wood with slide

Some parents are a little afraid of letting their children climb and are always worried that they could fall and injure themselves. This can of course happen, but kids get back on their feet quickly and a few bruises are fine. If you are afraid of it, you can put soft rubber mattresses on the floor.

Encourage your child to play outside more and to spend as much time outdoors as possible. Climbing, and all outdoor activities in general, are good for children and have many health benefits.

Playing outside is fun and healthy for the children

wooden climbing frame from fatmoose

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