Club Penguin How To Get Silver Surfboard

This guide will show you how to purchase a silver Surfboard on Club Penguin. This item is not only available in the Cove, but is also available for purchase in the Catchin’ Waves area of the game. In order to find the silver surfboard, you can click on the surfboard’s tag, wave, or catchin’ waves area. To purchase the silver surfboard, you need to spend 800 coins.

First, go to Club Penguin’s homepage. From there, select the ‘Spy Phone’ animation. It displays a spy phone. Once you have it, you can move on to the next level. You can purchase a silver surfboard, a football helmet, or any other item you want with 800 coins. If you’re lucky you can get a silver surfing board in no time.

Alternatively, you can go to a server that doesn’t allow you to chat with other penguins. To do this, click on the question mark icon in the bottom right corner of the chat bar. After doing so, click the ‘Exit’ button on your club penguin screen. This will give you unlimited coins. You can now wear whatever you want without worrying about how many of them you have.

Next, go to the game’s wave section. There, you’ll notice a new purple Wave icon. To upgrade, you will need to click on the icon. It will be located in the Waves area. You can also find a silver and gold surfboard there. However, make sure you have gold or silver coins before you go to the next step. This will ensure you get the silver surfboard of your dreams.

Next, you will need to play Catchin’ waves in order to obtain a silver surfboard. You’ll need a RED puffle and coins to get this item. You can share them with your friends to earn more coins. You can then use them to perform extreme flips in the air. Make sure you land your flips before the next wave or you’ll wipe out.

Click on the penguin twice. You’ll notice that it is holding a golden puffle. Click again to purchase it. You’ll receive 1000 coins for purchasing it. After that, you can use it to unlock the secret stone house. You can do many other things in the Club Penguin universe. You will need all of these items to obtain a silver surfboard.

You’ll also need the game’s Game Upgrades. These are a list of upgrades for different games like Catchin’ Waves. They can be found in the bottom right corner. You’ll find them in the catalogue next to the Surf Shack. There are three types of surfboards you can upgrade: the Flame Surfboard (or the Daisy Surfboard) and the Silver Surfboard (or both). The Flame Surfboard has more sensitive controls than the Daisy Surfboard. Finally, the Silver Surfboard gives you a higher jump than the Daisy Surfboard. Default, however, is the Yellow Surfboard.

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