Colleen Adams

Colleen Adams

Colleen Adams was an exemplary housewife and mother living in Maitland, South Australia with her husband and two daughters when she vanished without trace on November 22, 1973.

Geoffrey Gordon Adams was arrested nearly 50 years later for her murder and charged as a major offender. Her mother first reported her disappearance to police but it took nearly half a century before anyone charged with it was brought before court.

Early Life and Education

Colleen Adams was well known for her ability to make connections, making public service her ideal profession. Starting off her public service journey as a community outreach officer for Sanford Police Department, quickly developing an affinity for helping those in need and becoming active at Shades Mountain Independent Church in Birmingham as an avid volunteer and dedicated member.

Medaille College doctoral program in clinical psychology alumna and adjunct professor, she has excelled professionally as a strategy, operations, and organizational consulting services provider to local, state and tribal governments; K-12 and higher education; private companies; utilities & energy; as well as not-for-profits. A strong believer in education’s power to transform lives; she’s passionate about human spirit development & is deeply devoted as wife, mom, grandma & great grandma!

Professional Career

Colleen Adams has amassed extensive experience in intellectual property law during her professional career, from patent litigation and counseling through due diligence and licensing agreements.

She provides strategic planning and operations services to local, state, tribal, K-12, private and nonprofit organizations of all types – as well as is renowned for her organizational leadership, efficiency and staying calm under pressure.

Empowered Youth USA, founded by Colleen in her spare time, provides mentorship and employment opportunities to inner city young men. Hope in the Hood is the inspiring true story of how Colleen developed innovative methods to assist inner city youth reach their full potential and change their lives for good – it will leave you pondering how one individual can make a significant impactful difference on global issues.

Achievement and Honors

Colleen is an accomplished harpist who has performed as a soloist, chamber musician, and in new music ventures. She co-founded Apple Orange Pair, an horn-and-harp duo with Emily Boyer (horn), performing in many major cities throughout the US.

She currently teaches harp at Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond and maintains her own studio there. Additionally, she has presented educational workshops and master classes for youth at multiple regional harp events including Virginia Harp Center’s RVA Harp Day; Philadelphia Harp Chapter Mid-Atlantic Harp Day; Camac Harps U.S. Festival held annually in Washington D.C.

As an alumna of Medaille College’s doctoral program in clinical psychology and adjunct professor, she began her career as a special education teacher before transitioning into counseling and therapy services for children, adolescents and families. Her primary passion lies within working with them.

Personal Life

Colleen Adams was a dedicated mother living a quiet existence on Yorke Peninsula without access to telephone, car or friends.

She vanished in 1973, and it took nearly 50 years for police to realize she had been murdered by her own husband.

Adams resolved the case when he confessed to a jury in May 1999, telling police he had killed her.

He revealed in his confession that an argument had ensued after Howard was forced to forgoing another space mission due to health reasons, triggering her anger. At that point, he struck her.

Net Worth

Colleen Adams is an influential American YouTuber and actress. Her three channels all run successfully and attract millions of subscribers from around the globe; her videos often trend across various social platforms and she makes a healthy income through them. Furthermore, Colleen also works in TV series and films in addition to YouTube; she currently boasts an estimated net worth of $8 Million.

W. Andrew Adams serves as Independent Chairman of the Board at National Health Investors (NHI). He owns 2,020 units of NHI stock and has made more than 30 trades since 2003; his estimated net worth stands at approximately $2.4 Million; additionally he owns a home in Florida and belongs to the Republican Party of Florida.

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