Colombian Jack

Colombian Jack – A Sativa With a Sativa Twist

Colombian Jack is an exceptional sinsemilla strain. A hybrid between Black Jack and Nebula, its effects and productivity levels make this variety truly world-class.

The Colombian Jack Plant produces large dense forest green nugs topped with thin long light orange hairs and frosty white crystal trichomes encrusted frosty crystal trichomes that exude an aromatic blend of lime salad, grapefruit, and incense notes.

Early Life and Education

Jack began playing drums and composing music at three. Unfortunately, school wasn’t easy as he struggled with bullying and being unable to focus. Even with only a 1.6 GPA at Sycamore High School he graduated.

Jack eventually realized his calling: the music industry. After being signed by one of the major record labels worldwide, he was finally able to live an ordinary life and focus on his passion: making music.

Colombian Jack is an exceptional Kannabia hybrid sativa strain that can be grown both indoors and outdoors (flowering takes 66-67 days). With an intense citrus taste blending lime and grapefruit with subtle incense undertones, Colombian Jack provides an incredible THC level of 29% that delivers both creative boost and physical relaxation.

Professional Career

Jack is best-known for his stage work, such as in CATS on Broadway and Utah Shake Festival’s GREAT EXPECTATIONS at GREAT SHALL WE BE, or as Charles Bingley in PRIDE & PREJUDICE Toronto production.

Jack has appeared in independent film classics “Pretty Ugly People” and “Needlestick”. Additionally, he’s currently shooting Michael Shannon and Ginnifer Goodwin’s new feature film “Band Night”. Additionally, Jack guest starred on season five episode of SHADES OF BLUE as well as several short films; additionally, he narrated Christopher Wheeldon ballets such as Carnival Of The Animals for NYCB as part of his role. A graduate of Boston Conservatory himself, Jack now lives and works out of New York City.

Achievement and Honors

Colombian Jack is an indica strain famed for providing an emotional lift. Ideal for days that demand productivity or motivation, or those aiming to be more creative. Also suitable as an afternoon or daytime strain when needed to help relax without feeling fatigued.

She tends to stretch excessively, which is why Low Stress Training (LST) techniques should be utilized. Once her light cycle changes in week 7, she should continue stretching and begin showing some initial white markings on her skin.

Colombian Jack is an offspring of both Haze and Jack Herer, boasting abundant yields of up to 500g/m2 indoors and 600g/plant outdoors. Its complex organoleptic features combine zesty citrus fruits with bursts of herbal flavors for an appetising strain.

Personal Life

Jack is rugged yet daring, yet has a soft side. He keeps an image of the sail boat he desires as well as being dedicated to Joan; all while trying to find an equilibrium between his risky lifestyle and desire for peace of mind.

Colombian Jack is the result of Kannabia’s years of breeding expertise, combining the best features from Black Jack and Nebula into one strain – high THC percentage, syrupy texture and balanced effects. This sativa features elegant citrus aromas of lime and grapefruit combined with subtle incense notes that provides energy while inspiring creativity and promotes mental relaxation.

Growers can begin applying LST in the third week, to concentrate the plant and create large colas. This variety flowers in approximately 67 days and is known for its exceptional resin production.

Net Worth

Even after being arrested, Jack continues to pursue his dreams of becoming a successful businessman. Additionally, he remains active in his community by participating in volunteer events and supporting numerous charities such as Best Buddies of New York and Big Brothers Big Sisters of NYC.

Colombian Jack is a hybrid between Black Jack and Nebula that is well known for its complex organoleptic characteristics and potent effects. Its citrus flavours include lime and grapefruit with subtle touches of incense terpenes. Boasting high THC levels (up to 29% depending on phenotype), Colombian Jack makes for easy cultivation – an ideal variety to stimulate creativity! Harvest is completed within 70 days indoors or by late October outdoors depending on conditions.

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