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Color combinations in the interior that enhance the room look

Let’s be honest: what do you notice immediately when you enter a room? Is it perhaps individual pieces of furniture or the style of the entire facility? The wall design, the room decoration or the colors? We would say that the color palette creates a certain mood in any interior. You can feel this every time you step into the ambience. The color combinations are particularly important for the room look. That means that you have to choose the colors correctly and then combine them in a certain ratio to each other. Depending on your own preferences, you could determine the color nuance that should dominate the room. Then add one more shade to keep the room from looking monotonous. Only then can you set small visual accents and put the finishing touches on the entire color scheme. You will find out right away how you can create a balanced and very appealing atmosphere at home thanks to successful color combinations!

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This living room is designed entirely in blue, in some places the main color is combined with gray and a little lilac has been added as an accent.

Ausgeglichene Farbkombinationen Wohnzimmer Blau als Hauptfarbe mit Grau

  • The basic rule of the most beautiful color combinations is 60-30-10

People have always tried to find a perfect balanced color combination formula that works for all colors and styles and remains timeless. Now the result is there! There is a color formula that is the basic rule of all room design and it is 60-30-10. This means that the predominant color must stand in this relationship to the second color tone and only 10% are reserved for visual accents. The best thing about this color formula is that you can use it in any room regardless of the interior style. Using this rule, you can create suitable color combinations and give your interior a harmonious look.

An excellent example of successful color combinations! Ivory is the main color in this luxurious space, brown is added as a contrast and yellow as an accent.

Ausgeglichene Farbkombinationen luxuriöser Raum Elfenbein Hauptfarbe Braun als Kontrast Akzente in Gelb

The main concern here is the possibility of skillfully combining three colors in the interior design. These do not have to be conspicuous, but rather fit together harmoniously. The visual impact of any of the colors must not be exaggerated. This is the only way that every color combination can look interesting and appear organic. We want to show you numerous examples of pictures with fabulous color combinations in the interior. These can be a great source of inspiration for you. After such first-class patterns, you can easily create a stylish ambience in your own four walls, where the color combinations are really right!

Nice color combinations add a lot to the cosiness. Ivory as the main color is mixed with dove gray and both form the neutral background for cool accents in pink.

schöne Farbkombinationen Gemütlichkeit im Wohnzimmer Elfenbein als Hauptfarbe mit Traubengrau gemischt rosa Akzente

  • In successful color combinations, 60% should be the main color!

Choose the main color so that it dominates at least half of the interior. The easiest thing to do is to use the main color on the walls. This way the visual effect is strongest. It is recommended if you opt for a neutral shade. With this you can’t make a mistake, guaranteed. However, if you feel better in an interior with bright colors, then use them, but leave the rest in neutral tones.

This white room is made atmospheric with saturated shades of yellow and fuchsia. The black wood underlines the color combinations.

Ausgeglichene Farbkombinationen weißer Raum Gelb und Fuchsia als Akzente

  • 30% in the color combinations are reserved for the additional color

The additional color, often called the second color or secondary color, is necessary to liven up the room and create visual interest. So use your favorite saturated hue to bring the neutral color palette to life. This brings a breath of fresh air into the interior and emphasizes individual details in it. Also, you could use some neutral pastel colors to make the interior look calmer. This creates a well-balanced ambience where everyone feels comfortable. The best idea is to use the extra color on furniture, carpets, and curtains. Remember that this color should be coordinated with the dominant shade and the smaller colored accents that occupy 10%.

Dark walls bring a mystical flair to the room. This feeling is balanced by light wood and the ambience looks calm and harmonious. White and metallic accents make the whole color scheme chic

Ausgeglichene Farbkombinationen stilvoll gestaltetes Esszimmer dunkle Wände viele helle Nuancen Fellteppich

Great accents in turquoise break through the color palette in light gray and buttermilk color.

Schöne Farbkombinationen modernes Wohnzimmer tolle Akzente in Türkis

  • 10% for visual accents

And finally, you can set great accents with a meaningful color. You can of course use some shades of the same color to make the color scheme in the interior more interesting. It is best to use these colors on pillows, vases, paintings and various other decorative items in the room. These are easy to change without wasting a lot of money. You can also use it to enhance your festive room decoration, for example on the occasion of Christmas, Easter or other celebrations. With seasonal decorations you can introduce a personal touch or a little holiday feeling into the interior or express your longing for southern countries. In all cases, your ambience will look nicer and more welcoming!

Now scroll through our picture gallery and let yourself be inspired for other great color combinations! The Trendomat editorial team wishes you a lot of fun!

Neutral gray-green is the main color, beige is an additional shade, and a touch of orange enlivens the room.

Ausgeglichene Farbkombinationen sonniges Wohnzimmer neutrale Nuancen Graugrün

Neutral ivory and chocolate brown create a contrast, while red accents make the room more interesting.

Farbkombinationen schönes Wohnzimmer Elfenbein und Schokoladenbraun

White and cream are adopted as the main colors, browns and neutral wood add style and softness to the room, and a burnt orange sofa adds a colorful touch.

Ausgeglichene Farbkombinationen Weiß und Creme Brauntöne Sofa in gebranntem Orange

Lilac in a vase is in visual harmony with the purple accents.

Ausgeglichene Farbkombinationen Flieder in Vase violette Akzente schönes Ambiente

Great color combinations of white and silver-gray are refined with some black details.

Ausgeglichene Farbkombinationen modernes Wohnzimmer Weiß Silbergrau Schwarz

White and gray dominate, with blue ottomans as accents.

Ausgeglichene Farbkombinationen Weiß Grau blaue Ottomane als Akzente

Create a dramatic ambience full of eye-catching color combinations according to the color rule 60-30-10.

Ausgeglichene Farbkombinationen dramatisches Ambiente auffällige Farben Farbregel 60 30 10

The same color formula can also be used in the bedroom, where visual harmony is particularly important.

Ausgeglichene Farbkombinationen Schlafzimmer visuelle Harmonie

Here, dark gray walls create a dramatic ambience, which is balanced out by white. Decorative pillows in dark blue give the room the finishing touch.

Ausgeglichene Farbkombinationen Schlafzimmer dunkelgraue Wände mit Wei

Sky blue is an ideal main color for a child’s room because it exudes serenity. Here it is combined with pink accents and lots of white.

Ausgeglichene Farbkombinationen sonniges Kinderzimmer Himmelblau Weiß rosa Akzente

The same color palette characterizes this bathroom. Here, however, a finely patterned carpet in beige is the absolute eye-catcher.

Ausgeglichene Farbkombinationen Badezimmer Himmelblau Weiß gemusterter Teppich Blickfang

Create a very atmospheric ambience using the color formula 60-30-10.

Ausgeglichene Farbkombinationen Wohnzimmer stimmungsvolles Ambiente Blau dominiert

The kitchen also looks great in these color combinations.

Ausgeglichene Farbkombinationen schöne Gestaltung Küche Mintgrün Teppich

There is a very appealing ambience in this sunny dining room.

Ausgeglichene Farbkombinationen sonniges Esszimmer viel Grasgrün Weiß gelbe Akzente

In this kitchen, strong accents have been set in blood red and sun yellow and have made the room colorful and cheerful.

Ausgeglichene Farbkombinationen Küche starke Akzente in Sonnengelb und Blutrot dunkler Hintergrund

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