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Autumn is already here in October. Most of the leaves are discolored. Asters and dahlias are in their peak season. Glowing berries form on bushes. Even if you can’t really say goodbye to summer inside, you will be amazed by the variety with which the autumnal nature adorns itself. Therefore, it is not at all wrong to pick and take with you all sorts of things that can beautify your balcony, terrace or interior. Rose gold-veined leaves and a few nuts with which you can decorate the dining table so nicely, some branches with shiny berries that harmonize wonderfully with other decorative objects, as well as thick, red rose hips that have to be taken with you and maybe the Door wreath beautify … Autumn is so full of ideas.


The window boxes with the faded summer flowers are now emptied. But other decorative elements are used again: lanterns, lanterns, old but beautiful teapots from the flea market, wicker and straw wreaths that still lack the necessary jewelry. With a little imagination and, above all, lots of fun trying it out, you can create the most beautiful arrangements that can be rearranged as you wish, even without knowledge of florists or designers. In addition, there are enough plants that bridge the cool time in the tub and box right now. Evergreen plants such as boxwood (Buxus sempervirens) and skimmia (Skimmia japonica) adorn every outdoor area with their shiny foliage or even with bright berries and are even happy with small vessels. Many grasses also feel good in the bucket. They enchant with their sun-warm colors, filigree stalks and feather-light flowers. At the top of the popularity scale are the many varieties of feather bristle grass (Pennisetum), colorful sedges (Carex) or the varied fescue (Festuca). The combination of heather plants with hardy grasses will create a really beautiful appearance in every flower box not only in autumn, but also in winter.


However, it is particularly decorative when the garden, which serves as a backdrop for the autumn design, becomes an eye-catcher itself. But if you notice that it offers fewer and fewer attractions the later it gets in the year, then now is the right time to make provisions for the next year. October is the ideal time to plant bulb flowers. Some woody plants are also being planted now so that they can get used to their new location before the start of winter and benefit from the hibernation.









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