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Comfort for little money

Decorating your own home beautifully and comfortably doesn’t have to be expensive. We have collected some great, tasteful ideas for you that will quickly transform your apartment into an oasis of comfort without making your budget planning too difficult.

A whole wall full of picture frames

Buy a few picture frames in different sizes. You can find them very inexpensive in the 1 euro shop or even in the supermarket. Then put different photos and pictures in the frames that suit your own taste or have a special meaning for you. It is important that their colors harmonize with one another. Otherwise the wall will appear restless.

A whole wall full of picture frames - beautiful decoration ideas

A whole wall full of picture frames

Wall, picture frame, armchair, closet - beautiful decoration ideas

Wall designed with beautiful photos in picture frames

Wall decoration, picture frame, cup in pink - beautiful decoration ideas

Wall decoration that attracts everyone’s attention

Wall decoration, picture frame, chair in red, chair in black - beautiful decoration ideas

Interesting wall decoration picture frame

An extraordinary eye-catcher

In many second-hand shops you can find interesting and inexpensive items that could add that certain something to the home furnishings, such as charming vintage-style lamps.

Vintage-look lamp - beautiful decoration ideas

Vintage-look lamp

Retro-look lamp-nice decoration ideas

Retro-look lamp

Sort by color

You could take some books with the same or similar book cover color and stack them on the coffee table or even on the floor. This way, more color is quickly introduced into the room.

colorful books as decoration - beautiful decoration ideas

Colorful books as decoration

Decorative pillows in different colors and shapes

Everyone has square decorative pillows. Therefore buy such in different shapes and unusual covers. So you can be sure that they will be noticed.

Pillows, wooden chair, bedspread - beautiful decoration ideas

A round pillow on the wooden chair provides a nice decoration in the room

Decorative pillows in different colors and shapes - beautiful decoration ideas

Decorative pillows in different colors and shapes

Floor pillows in nude colors, wooden floor - beautiful decoration ideas

Floor cushions in neutral colors

Bench, throw pillow-beautiful decorating ideas

Bench with cushions

Fresh flowers

A fresh bouquet of flowers brings a good mood and sensuality into every apartment. If you don’t want to spend a lot of money on it, choose flowers with large petals, such as wild flowers or peonies. So you don’t need too many to fill the vase.

Fresh flowers for every room, peonies, scissors, beautiful retro decoration ideas

Fresh flowers are suitable for every room, here in retro style

Fresh flowers in every room - beautiful decoration ideas

Fresh flowers in every room

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