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They have to be comfortable, and I make this condition of every new pair of shoes that I buy for myself or my children. Because painful blisters and pressure points develop quickly when you walk long distances in the wrong shoes. Still, I don’t want to give up style. The shoes shouldn’t look like I bought them at a medical supply store.

I now know pretty well which brands to look out for to find shoes that are both comfortable and beautiful. I prefer to buy them in small shoe shops that specialize in those same manufacturers. But I don’t always like the trends of the season, so I occasionally look around online shoe stores to have a wider range to choose from. The latter has the advantage that you can use the customer comments to find out what the sizes are and whether the shoes are really comfortable.

Brands that have always been known for foot-friendly shoes include, for example Ara, Gabor, Ecco, Birkenstock, Think, Josef Seibel, Taos, and Merrell. Whether you are looking for stylish sneakers, hiking boots, or comfortable sandals, these manufacturers have recognized their opportunity in the market and have strived to create more stylish, elegant and sophisticated models without compromising on comfort.

Criteria for buying shoes

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Back pain and tension can result from wearing the wrong shoes. Choosing the right shoe can therefore affect your whole body and your well-being. It is therefore important to consider the following criteria when buying shoes:

The shoes should:

  • have a stiff back: To do this, grasp the heel of the shoe with both hands, one on top and one on the bottom. You shouldn’t be able to move the shoe from side to side around the heel.
  • have low torque: Hold the shoe at both ends. You shouldn’t be able to twist it easily.
  • be soft and flexible where your toes bend.
  • If the shoe doesn’t have arch support, add extra. These can now also be bought online. They are often so thin that they fit into any shoe. An arch support helps keep the foot in a correct position and relieves foot discomfort while walking or running. Make sure the arch support fits into the shoe without pinching or slipping your toes.
  • wide enough and long enough at the toes.
  • feel comfortable right away: To test them out a bit, you should not only walk back and forth, but also do squats or balance in them.

Classic women’s shoes are often harmful to feet, knees and spine. Heels change the posture of the whole body and can cause pain. If you still insist on heels, choose a shoe with a low, wider, or wedge heel. If you are wearing shoes with higher heels for a special occasion, it makes sense if you have a change of flat shoes with you.

When should you replace shoes?

  • Look at the heel of your shoe. For most people, it wears out the fastest. When the heel is angled from wear and tear, every step changes and leg or back pain can result. A shoemaker may be able to repair the heel. If not, replace the shoe.
  • Running shoes can cause pain before they even look worn out. That’s because they lose the ability to absorb shock. The guideline for replacing running shoes is every 350 to 500 kilometers. Running shoes that are more than a year old can also cause pain because the sole changes due to moisture or heat. To prolong the life of the shoes, really only use them for the sport in question. Old running shoes, on the other hand, can still be used for walking.
  • However, your sneakers should not have too much cushioning either, because it can increase the risk of injury. In fact, scientists are still faced with the challenge of developing shoes that optimally relieve our joints.

Your shoe works best when it fits snugly and acts like an extension of your foot without slipping. by the way: If you put on or take off the shoe without releasing the buckle, the support function of the shoe is lost much more quickly. So better use the shoehorn.

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