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Concrete is trendy, also in kitchen design!

Does the trendy look of the concrete fit into your family kitchen? Nowadays, many companies produce home accessories and furniture with this look and their products are very popular. The material can be used as a decorative element with a cool look in home design. Today we will focus on the role of this building element in kitchen design.

Concrete appears stable, is resilient and has a distinctive look. Considered a great accent in room design, it even attracts attention in the form of a worktop. It is always associated with quality and thoughtful design.

For a long time this material no longer appears coarse and industrial. Millimeter-thin concrete slabs protect a kitchen worktop against scratches and stains. At the same time, a special coating on the material seals the concrete surfaces against dirt. The concrete countertops are usually made to measure and produced in any desired shape. A worktop can look light and filigree, while a concrete kitchen island appears solid and static.

The material may seem really expensive and heavy to buy. The demand for exposed concrete remains high and the manufacturing companies are taking advantage of the moment. This interest is understandable, because the elegance of the finely polished concrete and its versatile design also prevail in the interior. Speaking of weight: modern technologies skillfully rely on hidden steel plates to support the concrete surface. This ensures stability.

The concrete worktop is particularly effective in the industrial kitchen. With a simple, rectangular shape, the material dominates the ambience. Together with a concrete look floor, a modern overall look is achieved on the one hand. On the other hand, you can achieve exciting, functional interiors in shabby chic or country house style with a wooden floor.

Rustic kitchen concrete wall untreated

Coarse wall structure made of untreated, dark gray concrete in the industrial kitchen

Exposed concrete wood kitchen system unusually rustic

Wooden elements, rough concrete surface and black are an unbeatable combination

To compensate for the cool effect of a concrete surface, white, black or other warm or strong colors are often used. The natural look of the concrete, as well as its polished feel make it a great background, although it is often represented with the concrete wall as a color-neutral ensemble.

Finally, the rough concrete surface can be said to be a trendy addition to the kitchen with its industrial charm. The concrete worktops are tough, scratch-resistant and, if they are finely polished, still easy to care for. In addition to the sober properties, the material gives your kitchen a characterful look that never goes out of style.

Worktop material, concrete, scratch-resistant

A kitchen island with a concrete surface is protected against stains in the long term

Modern concrete look worktops

Today’s modern cuisine is expressive and puristic

Kitchen island, concrete look, shockproof

Finely polished concrete worktops are similar to marble and are easy to care for

Kitchen island concrete optics resistant contrast

Rich in contrast: white wall paint and kitchen island with fronts in concrete look

Kitchen design trendy kitchen island concrete surface

With the concrete worktops you can create an impressive modern kitchen

Concrete worktop kitchen island open kitchen

The concrete can be sanded smooth and thus have the appearance of a natural stone

Kitchen design chic concrete chalk paint black

The simple look and smooth feel of the quality concrete in use

Material diversity soberly simple kitchen design

The concrete can be combined with glass, metal or plastic

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