Not every company has the necessary specialist staff for all areas. Especially when fulfilling external orders, the help of any other workers who have special expertise in their specialist areas can be helpful. We’re talking about consulting here. What can be translated relatively easily as advice has brought about a change in corporate culture in both German and international companies. This line of business has grown significantly in recent years, particularly with regard to the processing of projects for customers and the flexible response to challenges.

Consulting in modern day-to-day work

Consulting has only developed into a really important branch for the various companies in the past twenty years. You are looking for complex solutions for customers without having to permanently increase your own staff with specialists from different areas. For workers or consultants with a certain level of expertise, it is also a simple form of self-employment and also offers a high level of flexibility when exercising their own professions. The consulting itself is quite a complex form of dealing with modern projects and companies. It is important to distinguish between the different forms of consulting:

  • Free advice in companies is one of the most common forms. Here the consultants are used as management consultants for internal use.
  • Consultants are also gladly brought in to supplement projects. You work on behalf of a customer for the corresponding customers and their projects.
  • Implementation of modern solutions and concepts in the course of a restructuring.

With the appropriate consultants, companies have an interesting addition to their own team in the company. Above all, the free use in the projects is a good and interesting option. The consultants develop hourly rates, which are then given to the customer and billed there. This can be very interesting if you are looking for a solution that can be used to implement projects in a wide variety of companies.

The implementation of consulting as management consultancy

In the first few years, consulting mainly replaced the specialists in the various companies. The skilled workers were used by customers or provided the necessary input for internal restructuring measures. Most recently, however, the area has shifted in the direction of permanent management consulting. The consultants are used in the various companies to implement new measures and are therefore the first point of contact for measures to improve accounting or IT. Anyone who is interested in such a job should know how the corresponding work is carried out. How does life work for a consultant?

As a rule, he is recruited by a company for a specific project or a separate measure and has a specific assignment. The details for this are set out in a consultant contract. It also defines exactly how high the hourly rate is and which tasks can be taken on by the consultant. He works outside of the hierarchy and usually has a project manager who is responsible for controlling the relevant specialists. It is not uncommon for billing to be based on an exact time table, in which the corresponding hours are then paid out. Depending on the industry, a consultant can therefore also act as a freelancer. Consulting is therefore not only an interesting opportunity for a company, but above all an alternative for a career.

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