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Contemporary apartment with historical charm

Are you ready to take a look at this classic home decor?

This beautiful old building has great accents such as the velvet sofa in royal blue, the ornate vintage home accessories and the ceiling-high built-in shelf for books. All of this is reminiscent of old-fashioned charm, as well as slightly stuffy character. Luxurious amenities with an antique finish are everywhere. The cool wall color in the kitchen, as well as the wooden floors and small floral prints round off the lush overall look. Check out this converted condo with classic elegance!

The timeless, straightforward feeling of living cannot be overlooked in this facility. The spacious apartment has a modern touch and still impresses with its old-fashioned comfort. What distinguishes this mix of styles?

Our first stop is the open space, which is cleverly divided into living and dining areas. The charm of the previous apartment has been retained. As soon as you step in, your gaze is directed towards the authentic wooden floor, where the elegance of the old apartment comes into its own. The generous glass front as well as the integrated glass surfaces in the seating area provide plenty of daylight and visual accents.

Apartment in an old building, living area, dining area, high ceilings, classic

The living and dining room result in a spacious, light-flooded room. The ancient gramophone on the sideboard is probably the most charming detail in the interior

The walls in the living and dining room were given a fresh coat of paint in gray-white. When designing, we see walls without wallpaper, modern pieces of furniture with a classic design, and a light-dark contrast. All of these features support the elegant, timeless interior.

The ancient dining table set gives the living and dining room something very special. The pendant lights hanging from the ceiling emphasize the vertical height and make the spacious room look even more impressive.

Living design timelessly modern velvet sofa glass showcase pendant lights

The furnishings were deliberately kept simple and straightforward

In the kitchen area, a small, cozy seating area has been set up with a black wooden table and wooden chairs. The whole design gives the room lightness and vintage charm. The delicate floral prints that embellish the seating area are a nice detail.

Altbauwohnung Küche Sitzecke Holzmöbel charmant

Design highlight: the cool wall color sets a fresh accent in the kitchen area, while the charming vintage furniture accentuates a friendly seating area

The dark gray kitchen equipment contrasts nicely with the wooden floor and the gray-blue wall color. The downright retro character can be clearly seen in the antique furniture. This mix of styles and the color contrast are convincingly classic.

Kitchen in an old building, eclectic furnishings, classic gray-blue wall color contrast

Color tones from opposite ends of the spectrum let the wooden furniture in the kitchen stand out

The cozy bedroom was designed in the same color nuances as the rest of the furnishings. The room is optically expanded by the light wall color.

Bedroom luxury designer black and white

Skilful, impressive execution in the bedroom

What is your impression of this old apartment? Write to us, we are curious!

Living room dark sofa light wall color modern classic

Great color contrast in the living room looks classic and eye-catching

Living room old building sofa royal blue wall decoration dark light contrast

The creative sensitivity can be clearly felt thanks to the great decorative items

Old building hallway high ceilings set up built-in shelf sideboard

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