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Contemporary single-family home with an open floor plan and in neutral colors

Here in the Trendomat editorial team, we are always open to everything new, beautiful and creative. That is why we try to present our readers with the latest news from the field of architecture and interior design and constantly give them practical tips for home and garden. We want to encourage everyone to make their own home even more beautiful, cozy and inviting and to have a wonderful garden. Because natural charm and visual harmony can make our everyday life much easier and more pleasant. Today’s contribution should also be seen as a good source of inspiration for contemporary interior design in the neutral color palette. In the following we introduce you to a modern family house in Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic. It is bright and creatively furnished and at the same time looks very cozy and inviting. Stick with it and take a look at this modern and stylish interior with us!

This modern family home in Prague has an open floor plan.

Einfamilienhaus offener Grundriss neutrale Farbpalette Wohnbereich hellgraues Sofa runder Tisch Teppich Glastüren

The open floor plan and the neutral color palette characterize this contemporary single-family home

As soon as we enter the house, we are impressed by its open floor plan and the spacious interior design. The focus here is on natural materials and concrete and wood are the first choice. But they are rounded off with small details everywhere, so that one tends to stay away from classic room design. The open living area is on the ground floor and is bright and flooded with light. Floor-to-ceiling windows and sliding glass doors surround the spacious living room and are a direct connection to the outside area. Inside, the designers mainly used white, anthracite gray and natural wood and spiced up this warm-looking color palette with neutral splashes of color here and there.

In the living area there is a gray sofa as the central piece of furniture. There are also built-in bookshelves and a modern fireplace.

Einfamilienhaus offener Grundriss neutrale Farbpalette Wohnbereich zentrales Möbelstück

What does the open living area look like in this single-family home?

The comfortable light gray sofa is the central piece of furniture and a definite eye-catcher in the open living room. You can configure this elegant piece of furniture yourself and create different variants in the living area. That brings a lot of variety to the room design. A small round table stands in front of the sofa and underneath is a patterned rug in gray and black. A comfortable seating area is at one end of the large living room and offers a quiet place to read or relax by the fire. This is certainly the family’s popular oasis of calm, because here you can really relax from stress and hectic pace. There you can sit comfortably in the winter months, watch the blazing fire in the fireplace or read a book. The built-in bookcases are sure to provide a great choice for the bookworms.

The seating area is next to the fireplace.

Einfamilienhaus offener Grundriss neutrale Farbpalette bequemer Sitzbereich Bücherregale Kamin Brennholzaufbewahrung

In the central area on the ground floor we can see a TV wall so that you can watch films in the evening as you wish. There is also a minimalist staircase with an elegant railing that leads to the second floor. The space below is very cleverly designed and transformed into a hidden storage space.

At first glance, you don’t even notice that the space under the stairs has been transformed into practical, well-hidden storage space.

Einfamilienhaus offener Grundriss neutrale Farbpalette Wohnbereich Blick vom Sofa

Dominant shapes and colors in the modern single-family home

The entire interior design in this modern detached house in Prague is a mix of three furnishing styles. Industrial style and minimalism, which are also combined with classic elements of traditional room design, dominate here. The concrete ceiling in the central living area is an element from the industrial style. However, it was skillfully paired with the simple shapes in the room. There are no playful elements or decorations in this single-family home, everything here is minimalist and simple. When it comes to shapes, only the kitchen island is an exception.

The kitchen island and the suspended ceiling above show rounded shapes.

Einfamilienhaus offener Grundriss neutrale Farbpalette Küchenbereich moderne Kücheninsel abgehängte Decke abgerundete Formen

The open floor plan also includes a special place for the preparation of food and drinks. A suspended ceiling above the modern kitchen island reflects its shape. And this is really unique and scores with its playful design. The rounding of the suspended ceiling is repeated in the design of the kitchen island. Both room elements spice up the kitchen area and are a real eye-catcher in this corner of the spacious living room. Straight lines and simple geometric shapes predominate in many other places in the family home and emphasize the tendency towards minimalism.

The kitchen area is modern and cleverly designed. It inscribes itself seamlessly into the open floor plan.

Einfamilienhaus offener Grundriss neutrale Farbpalette Küchenbereich modern ausgestattet clever designt Teil des offenen Grundrisses

The colors in the interiors are always from the neutral color palette and make every room appear larger. The whole family house is executed in a calm color scheme. The favorite colors of this family obviously range from white to dove gray to anthracite gray. There are hardly any colorful accents. Everywhere the neutral tones are combined with lots of light wood. For example, the children’s room is designed in white and the bed is made of light wood. Its head end, which looks like a house roof with a chimney, is interesting. This design introduces a fairytale flair into the bright and inviting children’s room.

In the children’s room there is also enough storage space integrated into the design

Einfamilienhaus offener Grundriss neutrale Farbpalette Kinderzimmer hell einladend viel helles Holz Kinderbett wie Hausdach mit Schornstein

You decide for yourself what else you can find interesting and inspirational in this modern detached house in Prague! Have fun scrolling down and looking at it!

The whole wall in the stairwell is taken up by built-in bookshelves.

Einfamilienhaus offener Grundriss neutrale Farbpalette Treppenhaus ganz in Weiß rechte Wand mit Bücherregalen

A small, minimalist home office is located on the upper floor in the hallway.

Einfamilienhaus offener Grundriss neutrale Farbpalette Flur im Obergeschoss ein kleines minimalistisches Homeoffice hier untergebracht

The master bedroom is just as minimalist with modern built-in lighting on the ceiling.

Einfamilienhaus offener Grundriss neutrale Farbpalette Elternschlafzimmer minimalistisch mit Einbaubeleuchtung an der Decke

The glass doors on the ground floor can be pushed to the side and provide direct access to the outside from the living area.

Einfamilienhaus offener Grundriss neutrale Farbpalette Glastüren im Erdgeschoss schieben direkter Zugang nach draußen

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