Conversion & renovation of an old building

In an interview, blogger Kimmi reports why she decided on an old house, how she proceeded with the renovation and which measures were particularly important.

DSC_5376So far, top parenting blogs have primarily focused on building a house in addition to blogging (and everything that goes with it). Well-known construction companies were compared with one another and tips on how to find a plot of land were given.

However, the dream of your own four walls does not necessarily have to be realized by building a new house. On the real estate market, for example, they keep coming back older homes for sale offered. They are often in need of renovation. The layman often cannot assess what and how much needs to be restored.

That didn’t stop Kimmi and her family from buying an old building in need of renovation themselves – and creating something completely new out of the old structure. However, she did not approach the matter naively. She has had experts confirm that she is not investing her money in a bottomless pit.

She and her family have already gained their own experience in refurbishment and renovation in previous projects. What particularly appeals to Kimmi is the design of the house, which is entirely up to her. By the way, Kimmi has also done the environment a favor. In fact, renovating an old building is more sustainable than building a new house (keyword: floor sealing).

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