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Cool ideas for a stylish teenage room

All parents who have teenagers at home know best! Your offspring is no longer a child, but is also not yet an adult. This age brings many changes and can be a difficult time for parents and teens. In order to avoid possible problems, we would like to advise you: Your teenager now needs more space! He certainly wants his own space where he reads, learns, draws or plays the guitar. He wants his chill zone, which he makes the way he wants. Give him this freedom and you will soon see the effect of this clever decision. To help you and your teen, we have collected cool ideas for stylish and practically furnished teenage rooms. You can find 30 great pictures below that serve as a good source of inspiration. It is well advisable to take a close look! Stick with it and let yourself be inspired by cool room design!

A stylishly designed teenage room that meets the highest demands.

Teenager Zimmer stilvolle Raumgestaltung höchste Ansprüche erfüllen Bett Schreibtisch Regal Stuhl perfekte Farbgestaltung

When designing the room, you can express a lot of style and taste.

Teenager Zimmer viel Stil und Geschmack zum Ausdruck bringen leichte Gardinen Bett Schreibtisch dezente Farben

Designing a stylish teenage room: what should you watch out for?

Psychologists advise us: almost all teenagers go through a difficult time, so it would be best if you give them more freedom. In addition, their needs and desires can change diametrically quickly and without any sign. It would therefore be advisable if you consider the following tips when designing your teenage room:

Space-saving design ideas for teenage rooms are particularly in demand.

Teenager Zimmer raumsparende Gestaltungsidee oben Bett darunter Sofa Regal viel Stauraum Treppe links

Clever idea for lots of storage space under the bed.

Teenager Zimmer weiße Raumgestaltung gelbe Akzente hohes Bett viel Stauraum darunter

Furniture with storage space is a clever solution

In the teenage room, your teen not only wants to sleep, but also wants to spend a lot of time studying or doing his hobbies. He certainly wants it to be nice, tidy and clean around him. A comfortable bed, wardrobe and desk are absolute must-haves here. Such pieces of furniture are made especially for teenage rooms and they offer enough storage space. Books and sports equipment stacked on the floor are a thing of the past. Now everyone wants to hide their things, but have them close at hand. This is particularly important for young people. In addition, choose models that represent a complex whole and are well coordinated with one another. This is how you ensure your teenagers have a stylish look in their room. Only if he / she has well-expressed preferences for a particular interior design style do you need to consider it. For example, some retro furniture in the teenage room would make all the difference. They also set the tone for other room accessories and decorations.

Let your teen actively participate in the room design.

Teenager Zimmer einfache Raumgestaltung Basismobiliar dezente Farben gemusterte Fensterrollos

He can choose the style and decoration in the room himself.

Teenager Zimmer helle Farben erdige Nuancen viel Wärme eine grüne Topfpflanze

Which color scheme goes well with a stylish teenage room?

At this point we are referring again to psychologists and interior designers. They say too much color brings turmoil to the teenage room. However, this is not desirable, especially for teenagers! Therefore you have to limit yourself to two or three colors. We want to skip the gender ideas right away and advise you to choose a neutral color palette for your teen’s room. White, light gray and beige are highly recommended here, because these colors ensure calm and serenity in the room. You can also allow yourself a few color accents in saturated hues, such as terracotta, orange or navy blue or chocolate brown. However, you have to use these colors to a limited extent so that they do not distract the eye from the overall spatial concept in the teenage room. Also, keep in mind that any (or some) evergreen potted plant will instantly add a fresh touch to the room. In addition, many indoor plants clean the room air and bring a calming touch to the ambience.

As always, neutral colors are very trendy.

Teenager Zimmer weiß grau hellblau neutrale Farben weiche Pelze angenehme Raumatmosphäre

Earthy nuances radiate more warmth.

Teenager Zimmer erdige Nuancen beige braun orange mehr Wärme ausstrahlen

A properly designed workplace has a motivating effect

A properly designed workplace in the teenage room can have a very motivating effect on teenagers, so it should not be missing in their room. There the teenagers not only do their schoolwork, they also enjoy surfing the net and writing e-mails. First choose a bright place for the desk, preferably by a window where it is not too sunny. A comfortable chair also goes with it and helps keep your teen comfortable while writing. There must be enough space on the desk top for a PC, school books and other utensils. A potted plant can stand there as a decoration. Book shelves and cupboards should also be provided if necessary. Now is the right time to teach your teen “creative order”. Both sides – parents and teenagers will benefit a lot!

The workplace must be seamlessly incorporated into the overall room concept.

Teenager Zimmer Schreibtisch am Fenster leichte Gardinen dunkle Farben dominieren im Raum

“Creative order” must prevail in the teenage room.

Teenager Zimmer Holz Beige und Braunnuancen kreative Ordnung sehr angenehme Raumatmosphäre

Teenager Zimmer einfache Einrichtung Schreibtisch am Fenster alles sauber gut geordnet

Teens like eye-catching wall decorations!

Teenager Zimmer stilvolle Raumgestaltung ausgefallene Wanddeko zieht alle Blicke an

Teenager Zimmer erdige Farben weiche Texturen Bettwäsche Teppich Wanddeko Lichterkette grüne Topfpflanze

Teenager Zimmer weiße Bettwäsche rosa Decke Wandbilder Lichterkette sehr freundliche Raumgestaltung

Lighting and decoration in the teenage room

The right lighting and youthful room decoration should not be underestimated in a teenage room. When choosing them, it would be advisable if you simply follow the furnishing style and color scheme in the room. When you have chosen the furniture and colors together with your teen, go ahead and discuss the lighting and decoration together as well. Believe us, he / she will appreciate this process. We just want to enumerate a few items that can help you make your teen’s room bolder and cooler: a photo wall on ledges, lights and fairy lights throughout the room, a wall mirror to enlarge the room. Stylish desk and bed lamps should not be missing here.

Beautiful wall decorations, soft bed linen and a beautiful carpet round off the room concept.

Teenager Zimmer schöne Wanddeko weiche Bettwäsche weicher Teppich weiß schwarz wenig rosa

Teenager Zimmer weiß orange andere Erdnuancen sehr einladend Wärme ausstrahlend

Teenager Zimmer einfache Einrichtung weiß dominiert Bett Schreibtisch Hängelampe Teppich

Nice teen room with retro touches.

Teenager Zimmer mit Retro Touches Metallbett rustikale Bettdecke Schreibtisch Topfpflanze

If you have a lot of space available, then you can also think of a few extras, such as a hanging chair or a hammock to relax and dream. Cool bedding and soft carpets are also a must. We don’t want to forget a few beanbags in this list, because teenagers like to invite friends over to study and play together.

Of course, you have a lot of freedom in designing the room in the teenage room. However, you always have to figure out what your teen likes. Because that will be his very own room, where he always wants to feel good!

Let your ingenuity play a role!

Teenager Zimmer niedriges Bett auf Paletten Lichterketten an der Wand Holzboden Blumenregal aus Metall

Teenager Zimmer hohes Bett Stauraum Lichterketten romantische verträumte Atmosphäre hängende Taschen Wandbild Topfpflanzen

Teenager Zimmer helles Zimmer Weiß dominiert weiche Texturen Bettwäsche Wurfdecke Hund Lichterkette

Teenager Zimmer Pastellfarben einfache Einrichtung angenehme Raumatmosphäre

You may need window blinds as sun protection in the teenage room.

Teenager Zimmer Schreibtisch am Fenster Fensterrollos als Sonnenschutz

Teenager Zimmer angenehme Raumgestaltung Grau dominiert Fensterrollos als Sonnenschutz

Built-in room lighting is all the rage in modern room design.

Teenager Zimmer eingebaute Raumbeleuchtung modernes Raumdesign viel Holz Gardinen Vorhänge als Sonnenschutz

Teenager Zimmer interessante super moderne Raumgestaltung Wanddeko Gardinen Teppich in Smaragdgrün Deckenbeleuchtung auf Leisten

Teenager Zimmer Metallbett mit Baldachin romantisches Flair Teppich Schreibtisch viel Licht zwei Fenster

Teenager Zimmer aus zwei Niveaus Bett unter Leseecke oben Leiter junges Mädchen

Teenager Zimmer hohes Bett Podest weiße Bettwäsche Treppen Schreibtisch

Green houseplants and unusual lighting enliven the room.

Teenager Zimmer angenehme verträumte Raumatmosphäre Lichter grüne Pflanzen weiche Texturen erdige Farben

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