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Cool maritime decoration ideas bring the summer mood into your apartment

Spend your Do you like summer holidays by the sea? You are probably very impatiently waiting for that week or two when you find yourself in a completely different world. And when you get home, aren’t you nostalgic? That goes without saying. The time spent beautifully is remembered for a long time. For this reason, we offer you some cool maritime decoration ideas for your apartment, so that you can more easily bring a summer mood into your own four walls.

Maritime decoration ideas bedroom dresser

Cozy bedroom with maritime decoration in pastel tones

The color concept should consist of white, driftwood nuances and all shadess of blue exist. Small accents in red and dark brown are very welcome for the maritime look and give the ambience a playful touch. The maritime prints are on wallpaper, curtains, bed linen etc. and depict graphic boats, intertwined ropes, stylized fish, stylish stripes and everything that has a maritime effect. The works of art are also reminiscent of the sea – romantic landscapes or nostalgic images of boats or ships. The comfortable seating is upholstered in the maritime colors and it is a matter of taste whether you are monochrome, in stripes or with shell prints. The real leather in a light camel-colored tone looks very noble and the chairs have a high-quality look. Natural colored cabinets are okay, but much more impressive are the white and blue which create a relaxing and airy atmosphere in the room. The more faded in front of the sun, the more maritime the furniture looks. On the shelves, on the bedside table, on the table top, there are shells, anchors and boats as little maritime accents.

Maritime decoration ideas dining room red blue stripe chairs

The red and blue stripes refresh the ambience in this white dining room

Look at unsere picture gallery and draw creativity and inspiration to design your maritime dream home. The maritime decoration creates a relaxing and airy atmosphere, as if you were still at the sea. Let the scent of the sea waft through your apartment and you will still remember your great summer vacation by the sea …

Living room sofa blue stripes Maritime decoration ideas

The beams painted in white reinforce the maritime look of the living room

Youth room single bed Maritime decoration ideas

Simple bedrooms with a maritime look

Maritime decoration ideas swing on the terrace

Great decorative pillows and upholstery in a maritime style

Maritime decoration ideas dining room chair real leather

Lush table design in a maritime look

Maritime decoration ideas wall design dark blue white armchair

Dark blue maritime wallpapers add a stylish touch to the room

Maritime decoration ideas hallway design wooden boxes pictures

The hallway with its colors, pictures and maritime decoration is reminiscent of the beautiful time at the sea

two-story beds sky blue maritime decoration ideas children's room

A cool children’s room in sky blue and with maritime patterns

Maritime decoration ideas living room fireplaces white sofa

The anchor above the fireplace is an undisputed eye-catcher in the room

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