Cooper Lucas

Cooper Lucas is an outstanding 2024 recruit who recently committed to the University of Texas and boasts impressive times in the 200 fly, 400 IM and 500 free events.

He enjoys playing soccer and is part of the Herobox organization. He plans to major in Strategic Communications while considering minoring in Business.

Early Life and Education

Lucas began his career in recreation and leisure working at residential summer camps as both challenge course instructor and leadership director. Lucas quickly developed an affinity for outdoor adventure and experiential education – leading hundreds of wilderness trips for postsecondary students, vulnerable youth and children of various ages and leading research on the psychological sense of community that develops while on longer wilderness expeditions.

He is the top recruit in his class and has committed verbally to attend University of Texas beginning fall 2024. His interests include playing basketball, video gaming (FIFA in particular) and performing charity work; as he’s part of both Spanish Club and Herobox organizations in California he lives with both parents.

Professional Career

Lucas led Middletown High School basketball to 76 straight wins and two Ohio state championships during his high school career, before accepting an academic scholarship to Ohio State instead of an athletic one and becoming part of their 1960 national championship squad.

Cooper continues his transformation as he shows kindness toward Janae, showing that his newfound maturity. Cooper also comes to realize that Keely cannot remain his lifeline forever and should instead follow their heart instead of continuing stringing her along.

Lucas consoled Felix after learning about Sabrina Santiago and Patrick Drake’s preterm child’s premature death, while trying to prevent Brad from over-involvement with their case. Meanwhile Julian was successful in persuading their birth mother not to cancel their adoption agreement.

Achievement and Honors

Cooper Lucas is an outstanding college recruit who made a verbal commitment to the University of Texas. An exceptional swimmer, Cooper boasts some of the fastest times in his class for 200 yard freestyle and 400 individual medley swimming – training year-round with Lakeside Aquatic Club as he strives for success at Phillips 66 International Team Trials.

Red Tails is his debut feature film as executive producer and is inspired by the story of the first all-black aerial combat unit. Additionally, he pioneered digital Cinema in many areas including editing, sound recording and projection technology.

Ohio Wesleyan recognizes his strong work ethic and academic performance; he has made the Dean’s List every semester, in addition to becoming an Economics Management Fellow.

Personal Life

Lucas works in recreation and leisure studies with a particular emphasis on outdoor education. For the last 12 years, he has led wilderness trips for postsecondary students, vulnerable populations, children and vulnerable adults – as well as having experience facilitating therapeutic and experiential education programs for students with complex needs.

He is one of the top recruits in his class and recently committed to the University of Texas. At Phillips 66 International Team Trials he earned two top-12 finishes – 200 Free and 400 IM respectively.

David has made his mark on television as well, appearing as Dewey on Girl Meets World for Disney Channel and appearing as Hudson on Colony for USA Network. Aside from acting, David is also an accomplished pianist who enjoys playing video games and volunteering for charitable causes.

Net Worth

Lucas amassed an immense fortune through merchandising rights related to Star Wars franchise. In 2012, he sold them off for $4 billion to The Walt Disney Company.

Jessica Lucas is an established actress known for appearing in shows such as That Awkward Moment, Pompeii and Friends with Benefits. Additionally, she has graced Complex magazine covers with her beauty. Jessica boasts an hourglass figure which attracts many men – she currently wears a 34D bra size.

She is also an accomplished golfer, winning multiple tournaments as part of a successful couple Ron Musselman (former professional baseball player) and Hershey Hendley, with whom she shares two children; Lucas Glover is a PGA pro golfer from Florida with whom they recently renewed their vows resulting in their total net worth exceeding $290 Million.

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