Corey Feldman Net Worth 2022

Corey Feldman Net Worth 2022

Corey Feldman is a famous American actor and singer who is popular for his role in films like The ‘Burbs, Corbin Nash, The Lost Boys, Stand By Me, Maverick, The Goonies, The Fox and the Hound, and many others. He has earned a good deal of income from his TV appearances and music career, and his net worth is estimated to be at least $3 million.

Corey Feldman is also an animal rights activist. He is an active member of PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals), a nonprofit organization that fights for animal welfare. He has appeared in a PETA ad campaign that promotes vegetarianism. He has even been a spokesmodel for the organization, and has won a Paws of Fame Award for animal welfare. He also received an award from the Wildlife Waystation in 2009.

Corey Feldman was born in Reseda, California, on July 16, 1971. He was raised in an Orthodox Jewish home. His father was a musician and his mother worked as a waitress. He started his acting career at age three. He had a few minor roles on television shows in the 1980s, but he soon got into more serious films and grew into an actor.

When he was a teenager, he decided to emancipate himself from his parents. He also worked on several shows and commercials. After a brief struggle with substance abuse, he recovered and went on to work as an actor. In 2003, he made a cameo in the comedy film Dickie Roberts: Former Child Star. In 2008, he starred in the movie Terror Inside. He was nominated for the Crystal Reel Best Actor award. He has also been nominated for an Academy of Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror Films 1985 award. He has won a Best Actor award from the Luxemburg Film Festival 2006.

Corey Feldman is an American actor who was born on July 16, 1971 in Reseda, California. He is the son of musician and songwriter Bob Feldman and the former model Sheila Feldman. He has a sister, Mindy, and two brothers. The actor was a vegetarian at a young age. He briefly studied to become a cantor. He has been involved in a number of television series and films, but his biggest hit came when he played the lead in slasher film Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter.

Corey Feldman has appeared on a number of TV shows, including One Day at a Time, Mork & Mindy, Cheers, and Eight is Enough. He also made his stage debut in the off-Broadway play Fatal Attraction: A Greek Tragedy. He has made a few appearances in music videos, too. He has even been featured in the music video for Moby’s single “We Are All Made of Stars.”

Corey Feldman has been married to several people. His first wife was Venessa Marcil, and they divorced in 1993. He was also married to Susie Sprague from 2002 until 2010. He and Sprague were in a relationship until 2009, but they split in 2014. In 2010, Sprague fought for joint custody and asked for alimony. She filed for divorce in 2009. They had a child together.

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