Corporate Gifting – The Science Behind Giving a Good Corporate Gift

You’ve come to a good place if you’ve ever wondered about how to choose corporate gifts. Rather than relying on intuition, there’s a science behind corporate gifting – Personalization, Practicality, Ethics, and the Law of reciprocity. Read on to learn more. Here are some guidelines:


Personalizing corporate gifts has many benefits. It can improve the visibility of the recipient. It can be used to promote new business operations or to sustain an existing collaboration. Every organization today is competing for more market share and more customers. Effective corporate marketing can help you reach your intended audience and generate new referrals and leads. By incorporating personalization into your corporate marketing, you can achieve the best possible results.

A well-timed gift sends a message that the company values its clientele and cares about them. This gesture can encourage brand evangelism, continued service, and bring your company back into their minds. According to a study by retail giant Target, personalization increases lifetime value by 4%, with a score of 86 percent indicating a higher lifetime value for personalization than product-related gifts.


Corporate gifting is a proven marketing technique and an excellent way to make a lasting impression on your clients, customers, and staff. It also creates a more personal relationship between you and the recipient. Corporate gifts are a good way to thank your customers and staff for their patronage, and many companies have found that giving and receiving corporate gifts is beneficial to their marketing efforts and staff retention. Here are some practical tips to ensure the success of your corporate gifting efforts.

– Think about how you will deliver the gift. Ideally, it’s best to deliver the corporate gift personally, but if that’s not an option, consider shipping it instead. It doesn’t matter what, be sure to deliver the gift on time. The very nature of gift-giving relies on timely delivery. Send corporate gifts to the address at work if you can. It’ll be a waste and a waste of money.


One of the biggest pitfalls in giving a corporate gift is that it could be interpreted as bribe. To avoid this, businesses should make sure that the gifts are within the company’s budget and limit. They should also consider reciprocity. If a corporate gift is too expensive or unreturnable, the company might have to donate it to charity. There are many ethical considerations to keep in mind when giving a corporate gift.

While giving a corporate gift is often regarded as an effective motivational tool, it is not without ethical implications. If the recipient is a high-ranking businessman or government employee, this practice could be considered a conflict of interests. However, the private sector does have more discretion, and giving gifts is still a powerful strategy. These issues will help you choose the best corporate gifts.

Law of reciprocity

The Law of Reciprocity behind giving a good corporate gift is a powerful motivational tool. This principle encourages referrals and advocacy. The principle can backfire if it is not implemented well. Companies risk coming across as insincere and soliciting. Be authentic and offer something in exchange for a referral. In reality, most businesses and non-profits are seeking to increase sales or raise funds, not to give away freebies.

Human psychology is influenced by the Law of Reciprocity. It refers to the human instinct of giving back when we are given. In a relationship, we feel an obligation to return the favor. Companies can increase their customer base and strengthen existing customers by feeling the need to reciprocate. Your company will be able to build lasting relationships with customers if it can find ways to reciprocate. These are three ways to build positive relationships with customers

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