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Correct garden lighting ensures safety and decoration in the outdoor area

Especially in times of the Corona, a beautiful outdoor area proves to be an absolute must-have and a real luxury at the same time. Regardless of whether you have a large or small garden, you can consider yourself lucky because you can transform it into an atmospheric oasis of peace and relaxation. In today’s post, however, we do not want to deal directly with garden design. You can find numerous articles about this on our website. Now we would like to direct our (and yours too!) Attention to the right garden lighting. Because matching lights in the garden are a must-have that gives the outside area the finishing touch. They not only illuminate your garden paths and paths, but also immerse your seating area in a soft light in the evening. In addition, the right outdoor lighting creates a pleasant atmosphere outside when you are sitting together with friends and family. It makes the place more inviting and cozy and serves as a great outdoor decoration.

The right garden lighting can make your outdoor area romantic …

Gartenbeleuchtung eingebaute Lichter einen romantischen Outdoor Bereich gestalten

… and even make it look like a fairytale!

Gartenbeleuchtung märchenhafte Atmosphäre abends im Freien Sitzecke unter dem Baum Lichterketten

The cozy lap around the fireplace is guaranteed here!

Gartenbeleuchtung rustikale Sitzecke um die Feuerstelle Lichterkette darüber aufgehängt

Why is garden lighting a must today?

“Panta rhei, panta chorei” wrote the ancient natural philosopher Heraklitus. His teaching has proven classic and timeless over the centuries. Everything flows, everything changes. That is, nothing stays as it is, it moves forward and changes. We can safely say that these words also apply to our modern lifestyle these days. In this regard, also on garden design in general and garden lighting in particular. In the past, garden owners did not always think about suitable outdoor lighting. Today, modern outdoor lights illuminate the front doors and the entire entrance area of ​​our houses. Lanterns are used around the garden pool and around sculptures in the outdoor area to accentuate them. Fairy lights are also used to emphasize the romantic side of the garden design in the evening.

Built-in garden lighting is currently very popular.

Gartenbeleuchtung eingebaute Lichter sehr stilvoll gestaltete Oase der Ruhe Feuerschale Sitzmöbel

Gartenbeleuchtung eingebaute Outdoor Beleuchtung hoch im Kurs moderne Sitzecke im Freien Feuerschale

You even go a step further because the new technologies are all around us. The modern lighting means are now LED and most of them are equipped with motion sensors. You are wearing a lot for your safety outdoors when it gets pitch dark outside. This is still proof that everything in life changes. And definitely for the better! Thanks to modern garden lighting, you can stay outside on mild evenings, organize a barbecue party, sit around the fireplace with friends over a bottle of wine, chat and look at the starry sky. Nothing stands in the way of your cozy and pleasant time outdoors if your outdoor area is properly lit.

Candle lanterns and fairy lights for your romantic, dreamy summer nights!

Gartenbeleuchtung rustikale Sitzecke draußen Kerzenlaternen Lichterkette romantisches Flair

Gartenbeleuchtung Hängematte am Baum aufgehängt Kerzenlaternen Lichter Ort zum Relax im Freien

The alpha and omega of modern garden lighting

In the following we will show you which outdoor lighting is a must in every garden. These are actually the be-all and end-all of modern garden lighting. However, it is expected that these outdoor lights will be further developed and replaced with new ones in a few years. But they are still the classic and most popular option for outdoor lighting.

1) fairy lights

Fairy lights have one important plus – they are easy to install! In addition, they can be found in a wide variety of designs, shapes and colors so that they can match any garden style. Usually you hang fairy lights over the seating or dining area outdoors. However, they can also be hung vertically – this way they create a unique visual effect. In addition, you can hang the fairy lights on garden plants, trees and flowers to turn them into great eye-catchers in the garden. With fairy lights you can also illuminate garden paths and ensure safety on night walks.

You are well protected here day and night.

Gartenbeleuchtung Sitzecke vor neugierigen Blicken geschützt Bambus Sichtschutz Lichterketten Sitzmöbel viele Grünpflanzen

Gartenbeleuchtung Esstisch aus Holz Outdoor Sitzgarnitur gemütliche Sitzecke überdachte Veranda Laternen Lichterketten

Gartenbeleuchtung Sitzecke im Hinterhof rustikaler Stil Lichterkette Ecksofa weiche Kissen

Do you want to host a romantic summer party?

Gartenbeleuchtung romantische Sommerparty im Freien veranstalten passende Beleuchtungsmittel

Gartenbeleuchtung Esstisch Abendessen im Freien viele Lichter Hortensien im Vordergrund

2) outdoor lanterns

The outdoor lanterns are particularly effective elements of garden lighting. They not only belong in the front yard, but also in the back yard. These outdoor lighting devices are elegant and stylish. Their great advantage is that they are durable and perfectly withstand various weather conditions. Here you are definitely spoiled for choice, because outdoor lanterns are available in numerous designs. For example, from retro and rustic to super modern and attractive LED garden lanterns. They always create a homely and extremely cozy atmosphere in the open air. You feel like you are in your own living room, but you are in the fresh air! Great right?

In modern garden design, different light sources are combined with one another.

Gartenbeleuchtung Pergola verschiedene Lichtquellen miteinander kombinieren romantisches Flair draußen

The goal is to feel comfortable outside.

Gartenbeleuchtung Kerzen Laternen Lichterketten weiche Texturen Sitzecke im Freien

Gartenbeleuchtung verschiedene Lichtquellen kombinieren Kerzen Laternen Lichterketten weiche Texturen Blumen

Gartenbeleuchtung Esstisch im Freien Korbsessel Kerzenlaternen auf dem Tisch Lichterketten darüber

Gartenbeleuchtung Sitzecke auf der Veranda rustikaler Stil Kerzenlaternen Lichterketten

3) candles and candle lanterns

Without a doubt, candles are the most romantic variant of garden lighting. These decorate the dining table in the evening when you have invited guests to eat outside. If you want to host a dinner for two, you can create an intimate atmosphere with candles. However, these romantic light sources are rarely used as a single means of lighting. They are of course combined with candle lanterns, where their fire is protected from the wind. If you like the romantic evening atmosphere with candles, then choose a couple of LED candles and use them to decorate your dining area outdoors. In the evening it will definitely transform itself into your preferred place in the open air.

Take a look at the other picture examples in our gallery and let yourself be inspired for suitable and stylish garden lighting. Our editorial team wishes you cozy, romantic and unforgettable summer nights!

Individual garden elements are transformed into real eye-catchers …

Gartenbeleuchtung zwei Topfpflanzenechte Hingucker abends dank Lichterketten

… thanks to the right garden design!

Gartenbeleuchtung Lichterkette auf Gebüsch bei Dämmerung Frau steht daneben

Gartenbeleuchtung Esstisch unter Baum Kerzen Hängelampen sehr ansprechende Atmosphäre

Gartenbeleuchtung moderne Relax Zone im Freien Feuerschale Lichterketten aufgehängt

Gartenbeleuchtung Pergola Lichterketten einladende sehr gemütliche Atmosphäre

Gartenbeleuchtung Esstisch Baum interessante Beleuchtungsideen Kerzen Gläser

Gartenbeleuchtung Sitzecke im Garten eingebaute Beleuchtungsmittel romantisches Flair

Gartenbeleuchtung Sitzecke am Deck richtige Beleuchtung einladend wirkend

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