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Cowboy Wealth Review – Is Cowboy Wealth a Scam?

Cowboy Wealth is a gateway site designed to recruit you as a distributor for Melaleuca network marketing company, without breaking any laws or being an illegal pyramid scheme. However, success rates for such schemes tend to be low.

Chris and Cathy Sorensen promoted this program as an avenue for making money at home; however, its website made outlandish income claims while remaining opaque in its operation.

Early Life and Education

Cowboy Wealth is an MLM (multi-level marketing) program run by Chris and Cathy Sorensen who claim that its members earn substantial income by promoting wellness products and services through it. Furthermore, they train them on how to effectively use both online and offline marketing channels; yet many red flags point toward it being an illegal scam opportunity.

First and foremost, the website does not offer any specifics on how the company works or provide success stories from members. Furthermore, Melaleuca is an e-commerce and MLM corporation offering nutritional supplements as well as personal care items and home cleaning solutions; distributors may earn extra income by encouraging others to join. Melaleuca was established in Idaho back in 1985.

Professional Career

Cowboy Wealth’s founders boast over three decades of experience in entrepreneurship; however, there is much information missing on their website. While they claim not to be MLMs (but there’s little clarity as to what exactly this entails), they do mention buying certain quantities of product in order to remain active and earn commissions.

Notably, they sell health and wellness products and financial security training courses through Melaleuca; using their site to recruit distributors of Melaleuca to earn commission from distributorship fees paid out from Melaleuca distributorship fees; this could be one of the telltale signs. Furthermore, their business opportunity does not appear transparent enough; which is one red flag.

Achievement and Honors

Cowboy Wealth is a program that claims to teach its members to become experts in marketing and sales, financial security training programs and various tools that aid business building. Founded by Chris and Cathy Sorensen with over three decades of experience as entrepreneurs.

However, no evidence is present to back up these claims and there is no information regarding costs or structure on their website. An 8.5-minute video on their page boasts about living the dream life they always longed for and creates doubt about whether this program is a scam.

Personal Life

Cowboy wealth is an online program that promises you can earn all the money and live the lifestyle you’ve always imagined without having to work a full-time job. Although details about it remain vague, its main video on its homepage promises financial independence as well as having your own flexible work schedule.

Cowboy Wealth partners with Melaleuca, an online wellness product store. While it is possible to make money through this MLM scheme, it takes considerable work up-front and commissions may not always be particularly high.

Many multi-level marketing (MLM) schemes also require you to buy certain amounts of product each month in order to remain enrolled, which can become very expensive over time. Although such organizations often claim not to be MLMs, they actually are.

Net Worth

Cowboy Wealth is an MLM scheme offering wellness products and financial courses to consumers at an affordable cost. Advertised as a work from home opportunity that promises prosperity to its members, Cowboy Wealth boasts high-quality goods at competitive rates for members to buy into the program.

However, in reality this scheme is nothing more than an elaborate fraud. There is no compensation plan, income disclosure statement, or set of rules and expectations that its members need to abide by.

Furthermore, this company’s website contains misleading information regarding their products and services as well as false promises for unrealistic income claims that deceive people into thinking the program offers lucrative opportunities – when in reality, it is an illegal pyramid scheme and should be avoided at all costs.

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