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Cozy home office in a country house style with a modern touch

In our editorial team, we all believe that there is nothing more cozy than a warm room in a country house style. As is well known, this style is characterized by a natural and very welcoming atmosphere that it creates in every room. Regardless of whether it is a kitchen, a living room or a country-style home office, you will feel comfortable there and even want to stay longer. In addition, the rural style gives us a lot of freedom in designing rooms. You can furnish the whole room in a rustic way and even get some retro furniture. However, there is always the possibility of introducing a few modern touches into the rural atmosphere. It is precisely on this that the popularity of the modern country house style is based today. It is really incredible and shows us that the country house style can be easily adapted to the needs and desires of modern people. In the following, we would like to show you how this style also inscribes itself in the home office.

Bright, cozy and inviting – this is what a country-style home office looks like today!

Heimbüro im Landhausstil großes Fenster viel Tageslicht Schreibtisch aus Holz Stuhl Korb beiderseits Regale Schreibtischlampe Foto Vase

Lots of wood, soft textures and green houseplants are absolute must-haves here.

Heimbüro im Landhausstil Flechtkorb weiche Decke Teppich Holzschreibtisch Regale grüne Zimmerpflanzen

How can a country-style home office be furnished in a modern way?

We don’t want to provide tips on how to set up a home office in this article. Each of you can decide for yourself what and how much furniture you need in your home office. We also focus on the unique room atmosphere that can be created in a country-style home office. It is well known that a lot of natural wood is present in a rural setting. The country-style home office is no exception in this regard. Practical shelves and desks made of light wood are at the top of the list of popular pieces of furniture. But if you need a lot of storage space in your home office for the usual stuff, folders, documents, etc., then you can convert your old kitchen cabinets. They will give your work space a really rustic look and offer you a lot of storage space!

Don’t throw away your old kitchen cabinets!

Heimbüro im Landhausstil alte Küchenschränke umfunktionieren in Grau streichen weiter gebrauchen viel Stauraum anbieten

You can continue to use these in the rural home office!

Heimbüro im Landhausstil alte Küchenschränke umfunktioniert in Weiß gestrichen viel Stauraum anbieten

But let’s not forget that your country-style home office should also look modern. After you have secured enough storage space, you still need to get a desk. Although this has a modern design, it must correspond well with the storage units or converted cupboards. Floating shelves are also a perfect idea for the country home office if you don’t need a lot of storage space. Some pieces like boxes, paperwork storage baskets, fancy wooden chandeliers, and leather chairs will help you maintain the style of the room. Add more rustic accents with curtains, rugs, and woven lampshades. This is how you create your own inviting work oasis at home!

A cozy room where you can also work in the evening.

Heimbüro im Landhausstil in der Ecke Schreibtisch Stuhl schöner Teppich rustikaler Kronleuchter alte Wandkarten als Deko

The fireplace with the softly whitewashed brick wall or the elegant workplace is the eye-catcher here?

Heimbüro im Landhausstil schicke Raumatmosphäre Kamin weiß getünchte Ziegelwand eleganter Schreibtisch moderner Sessel fein gemusterter Teppich

Even a small home office can be cozy and inviting.

Heimbüro im Landhausstil kleines Home Office viel Weiß helles Holz Ledersessel grüne Topfpflanze

Which colors dominate a country-style home office?

After setting up, the color scheme in the room is absolutely crucial for its perception. In order to create a rural ambience with contemporary touches, we advise you to keep the room in neutral tones. All warm earth tones, cream and off-white are very appropriate. These shades have the ability to combine well with all of the other colors on the color wheel. If you have dark cabinets, then introduce the lightest possible shades into the country-style home office. On the one hand you create a color contrast, on the other hand you ensure a visual balance. This is particularly important because there must be a visual balance in your home office.

A light carpet loosens up the dark room atmosphere.

Heimbüro im Landhausstil ein heller Teppich dunkle Möbel Wandschränke Schreibtisch zwei Sessel

Chic floral wallpapers bring more romance to the country-style home office.

Heimbüro im Landhausstil gemütlicher Raum unter der Dachschräge viele Fenster Blumentapeten großer Schreibtisch heller Sessel Teppich

For example, if you particularly like navy blue, you can use it on an accent wall. Your cabinets, shelves or other storage units can be gray. This shade is seldom noticeable and that way doesn’t disturb your concentration of work. Choose natural greens to bring more calm to the home office. Green in all its nuances has a calming effect. It has been proven that all neutral colors have the same effect, which is why they are so popular in the home office. We advise against using strong colors such as fuchsia or bright red. These colors are very attractive, but they quickly distract you from your work from home. Therefore, they are rather unsuitable for a home office. You can read more about the colors for your own home office here.

The navy blue wooden wall adds a splash of color and helps you concentrate better.

Heimbüro im Landhausstil marineblaue Akzentwand aus Holz Farbakzent braune Lederstühle Arbeitsplatte aus Holz weiße Unterschränke

A gray carpet, wooden furniture and macrame elements emphasize the rustic style.

Heimbüro im Landhausstil grauer Teppich graue Unterschränke Holzmöbel Makramee Elemente Hängelampe

A few more ideas on how to introduce a fresh touch into your country-style home office

It is very pleasant to work at home in a cozy room atmosphere. That is why the design of your own home office is so important. Make yourself comfortable and cozy, then take care of the decoration. Beautiful murals, photos in fancy picture frames and some evergreen potted plants have a special presence in the country-style home office. These can be easily integrated into the rustic ambience and spice it up at the same time. That is why such room decorations are an indispensable part of the country-style home office today. But on the contrary! It emphasizes the modern touch in the rural home office and shows that rustic and contemporary can be brought under one denominator.

Now scroll down to admire all the picture examples for a cozy and appealing home office in a country house style with a modern touch. Maybe that’s how you set up a room at home, right? You can find more home office design ideas on our website.

You don’t need a lot of space for a cozy home office.

Heimbüro im Landhausstil kleines Home Office einfacher Tisch PC Stuhl Regal immergrüne Topfpflanzen

You can even assemble the shelves and the desk in rustic style yourself.

Heimbüro im Landhausstil einfacher Schreibtisch selbst zusammengebaute Regale schicker hellgrauer Sessel Teppich

The leather armchairs from grandma’s time got a second chance here.

Heimbüro im Landhausstil einfache Einrichtung zwei Ledersessel aus Omas Zeit Kamin weiße Ziegelwand

Exposed wooden beams enhance the natural look in the room.

Heimbüro im Landhausstil sehr gemütliche Atmosphäre etwas dunkel freigelegte Holzbalken Fenster Teppich Stehlampe

Anyone could work creatively and effectively here, right?

Heimbüro im Landhausstil einfache Einrichtung Schreibtisch aus hellem Holz schwarzer Stuhl drei schöne Wandbilder tolle Dekoration

Heimbüro im Landhausstil Regale Schreibtisch aus hellem Holz Schreibtisch vor dem Fenster viel Tageslicht hellgrauer Sessel

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