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Craft ideas from paper

Handicraft fans watch out! The beautiful craft ideas made of paper do not want to end with us. We would like to support you with new tips in your hobby. Today we have prepared a colorful picture gallery for you, where everyone can find something suitable for themselves. Roll up your sleeves because we’ll get to work!

This beautiful decoration made of paper flowers can decorate your home at any time of the year.

attraktive blumen selber basteln aus papier

  • Paper craft ideas have an enormous decorative function

We all want to constantly change our apartments and houses and make them a little more inviting and appealing. From this endeavor, the paper craft ideas arose. For very different occasions at home or in the office you need beautiful decorations that make the whole ambience more cozy and festive. You would certainly use a striking table decoration with lots of colorful flowers if you are planning a summer party or a wedding reception. You could even make a whole bouquet of flowers out of paper. The attached video shows how this can be done quickly and easily:

On Valentine’s Day, every passionate hobbyist can fully develop her imagination and creativity and surprise her lover with beautiful craft ideas made of paper. Real men are sure to appreciate that. Here ideas such as folding a chain of paper hearts and indirectly expressing deep feelings about the festival come into question.

For Valentine’s Day, decorate your home with a paper heart necklace.

bastelideen zum valentinstag aus papier

The napkins for dinner for two can also be folded into a heart shape.

papierservietten falten bastelideen dekoartikel aus servietten

There are many other nice occasions where you could show off your creative spirit. Not to mention Christmas, Mardi Gras and Halloween. These are the most popular festivals for all craft enthusiasts. We do not show any such tips in this article, but before the relevant occasion you will find great instructions on our website on how you can decorate your own four walls in a festive and very personal way.

Now you are in the mood for your next summer vacation!

Bastelideen aus Papier boot schiff

Other popular motifs for craft ideas made of paper are, for example, animals, especially birds, cats and dogs, stars, planets, spheres and other geometric shapes. That said, you are most likely spoiled for choice before deciding on a specific idea.

How do you find these butterflies as decoration for the home?

schmetterlinge basteln aus papier

Or do you prefer something colorful?

papier diy deko coole bastelideen

  • Suitable materials and colors for creative paper craft ideas

Logically, the paper is the most important material for the craft ideas shown here. Depending on the figure or the motif, you can use sample paper, origami paper, cardboard or cardboard. Glue and scissors are also among the must-haves when realizing the paper craft ideas. The color palette is entirely up to your taste. We would only recommend strong colors, because these are immediately noticeable and make a good first impression. They also have a positive effect on the mood, which should not be underestimated.

Nice craft idea for outside

Bastelideen aus Papier amerikanisch stil

First, prepare all the necessary materials, then all you have to do is use your ingenuity. You couldn’t go wrong with our creative paper craft ideas. In the course of the handicrafts you will definitely find out what you can do with it.

Our editorial team wishes you a lot of fun browsing and good luck with your creative handicrafts!

Bastelideen aus Papier baby mobilee elefanten

Bastelideen aus Papier bunt origami

bastelideen aus papier elegante lila blumen

bastelideen aus papier elegante schöne blume machen

Bastelideen aus Papier erdkunde blumen

Bastelideen aus Papier farbenfroh blau rosa gelb blumen

Bastelideen aus Papier formen dekorativ

Bastelideen aus Papier gemälde kunst

Bastelideen aus Papier girlande farben

Bastelideen aus Papier girlanden schön

Bastelideen aus Papier girlanden veranda outdoor deko

Bastelideen aus Papier grün rosa

bastelideen aus papier originelle blumen in verschiedenen farben

bastelideen aus papier viele schöne bunte blumen

basteln mit papier ausgefallene blumen aus papier selber basteln

basteln mit papier diy deko coole bastelideen

Basteln mit Papier für Sommer

blumen aus papier einfach basteln dekoking

blumen basteln aus papier sehr schöne modelle

blumenstrauß in bunten farben wunderschöne diy ideen

blumentöpfe blumentopf basteln ideen

deko bastelideen aus papier viele schöne bunte blumen

effektvolle blumen an der wand bastelideen mit papier

einmalige diy projekte bastelideen aus papier helle gestaltung

eleganter blumenstrauß bunte blumen bastelideen aus papier

Eule aus Papier basteln

foto von oben gemacht bastelideen aus papier

gelbe papierblumen foto von oben genommen bastelideen

gestaltung bastelideen aus papier verschiedene blumenarten

herrliche blumen in pink und weiß attraktive diy ideen

herrliche diy ideen bastelideen aus papier rosige rose

interessante blumen aus papier kreatives diy design

interessanter papier kranz inetressante selber machen

interessanter weißer papier blumen selber machen

kreativ basteln papier farbig schmucksachen

Origami Katze basteln ideen

Papierblumen basteln

papierblumen basteln kindern falten origami blüte rot papier

Rose aus Papier falten Blumen basteln

rosige blumen bastelideen aus papier elegantes aussehen

weiße rosen bastelideen mit papier

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