Craig Barton How I Wish I Taught Maths Pdf

If you’ve been thinking about teaching mathematics but aren’t sure where to start, you can check out Craig Barton’s How I Wish I Taught Maths PDF. It’s a comprehensive resource of tips, strategies, and anecdotes from the world of teaching mathematics. Craig is often referred to as the most dangerous man in maths education. However, he is not completely ignorant. He has compiled his top tips and tricks into a comprehensive resource that you can purchase from Amazon, John Catt Educational or your local bookstore.

This book is a guide for educators that dispels harmful myths about education. It includes interviews with top education experts, student experiments, and many other resources. As the author points out, we should never take a teacher’s word for it. But, we shouldn’t ignore his insights and not try them out for ourselves. Teachers should instead consider what students need and what makes them tick.

The book is a compilation of a series of essays by renowned educators on how to teach mathematics. Barton does not discuss the purpose of teaching mathematics but instead views his criticism of other ideas as self-criticism. Barton’s anecdotes such as a hilariously inept performance stunt in class do not make his case universal. Although anecdotes can be interesting, they are not a general argument in favor of teaching mathematics.

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