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Create a dreamy Christmas mood in the living room? This is how you can do it!

Most of us think that, besides summer vacation, Christmas is the best time of the year. For many, however, it is associated with a lot of stress. Since the beginning of Advent, appointments have been increasing, you meet friends after work and like to invite them over at the weekend. In addition, in the weeks leading up to Christmas Eve, you have to do some really big shopping, make festive decorations at home and pack Christmas presents. That’s why sometimes something falls by the wayside. However, we do not have to forget it – the Christmas season is a break to cuddle and enjoy. So create a relaxed atmosphere in your own four walls and treat yourself to some relaxation. You often sit by the fireplace, perhaps with close friends and family, chat together and listen to soft Christmas music. Just enjoy the dreamy Christmas mood in the living room and feel like you’re in a winter fairy tale. You will soon find out how you can do this!

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Immerse yourself in the Christmas fairy tale in your own home!

träumerische Weihnachtsstimmung Wohnzimmer festlich dekorieren

Create a dreamy Christmas mood in the living room and enjoy it!

träumerische Weihnachtsstimmung Wohnzimmer festlich dekorieren großer Spiegel Christbaum

We have selected a list with the 30 most beautiful decoration ideas for you and shown it in pictures. Thanks to this, you can easily create a relaxing, contemplative and atmospheric Christmas atmosphere at home. The dreamy Christmas mood is good for body and soul. You can rest in your living room and think about the past 12 months. Or would you prefer to look ahead to the future? Always remember how quickly time goes by. Nobody really has enough time, it depends on ourselves how much time we take for ourselves, doesn’t it?

During the Christmas season it sparkles, shines and shines everywhere, especially in the living room!

träumerische Weihnachtsstimmung Wohnzimmer festlich dekorieren

Here you can forget all stress and let your mind wander!

träumerische Weihnachtsstimmung typische Weihnachtsfarben Rot Weiß Grün im Wohnzimmer

  • The beautiful festive decorations create the dreamy Christmas mood in the living room

According to the old custom, we festively decorate at home even before the advent season begins. The centerpiece of the festive decoration in the living room is of course the Christmas tree. Hundreds of glittering balls, fairy lights and stars decorate the green tree. But if you don’t have one, you can just put a few fir branches in a beautiful vase and decorate it festively. It doesn’t always have to be a Christmas tree. For example, a Christmas wreath over the fireplace, green twigs and classic Santa Claus boots hanging from the mantelpiece can also create a fairytale dreamy Christmas mood in the living room. A red or white poinsettia is also a must there. It symbolizes the Christmas season and it is impossible to imagine this without it. You can also do it differently and decorate your fireplace with mistletoe and red berries. Lush green myrtle branches with bright red ilex berries are a real eye-catcher at Christmas time. However, caution is advised here, because these berries are poisonous!

If you have toddlers and cats at home, choose other red berries for your Christmas decorations, not the ilex berries.

träumerische Weihnachtsstimmung kein Christbaum aber Kranz über dem Kamin rote Beeren Zweige in Vase

Can you imagine your Christmas decoration without a beautiful poinsettia? We hardly think so!

träumerische Weihnachtsstimmung Kamin schmücken weißer Weihnachtsstern

The festive jewelry in the colors white, red and green creates a dreamy Christmas mood in the living room.

träumerische Weihnachtsstimmung festlich dekoriertes Wohnzimmer weiß rot grün

  • What shouldn’t spoil your dreamy Christmas mood?

With beautiful decorations, you can actually create a fairytale atmosphere and dreamy Christmas mood in the living room. But it could happen that small everyday things spoil your good mood. You can’t let that happen. It is better to follow the following tips:

The homemade Christmas decorations are the best!

träumerische Weihnachtsstimmung selbstgebastelte Nikolausstiefel am Kamin Deko in Weiß und Hellblau

Tip 1: Advent is handicraft time for young and old!

You shouldn’t even think that the Christmas decorations are beautiful, put you in a good mood, but they cost a lot of money. No, there are also simple methods of creating something festive yourself and using your imagination to the full! Take a few hours off and do handicrafts with your children at home. You encourage your creativity and fine motor skills and as a result you have mastered something beautiful for your festive decoration. For example, you can make stars and small snowflakes out of paper together and glue them here and there in the living room. On the one hand this is easy to do and on the other hand it is always very fun to do handicrafts together with your little ones! Your dreamy Christmas mood is guaranteed!

You can make stars, garlands and Santa Claus boots with the children.

träumerische Weihnachtsstimmung Sterne Girlanden Nikolausstiefel mit Kindern basteln

Tip 2: decorate and bake with friends

You feel the best dreamy Christmas mood when you are not alone. We therefore suggest that you invite friends and relatives to come home to decorate and bake cookies together. You can swap recipes and try out different baking methods in a tight circle. The good Christmas spirit can be all around you!

With friends you can decorate your living room for Christmas and bake cookies.

träumerische Weihnachtsstimmung mit Freunden dekorieren und Plätzchen backen

The coffee tastes much better here too!

träumerische Weihnachtsstimmung festlich geschmücktes Wohnzimmer der Kaffee schmeckt hier vorzüglich

Tip 3: avoid the stress of shopping

Who said you should be racing from store to store in the run up to the holiday season buying Christmas gifts for your kids, family members and friends. You can also find a lot online that will make your loved one’s heart beat faster. Make yourself comfortable on the couch and shop conveniently online. The range is definitely bigger than in your nearby department store!

You can buy online from home and order something nice for yourself.

träumerische Weihnachtsstimmung Weihnachtsgeschenke online kaufen und schön verpacken

Everything your heart desires….

träumerische Weihnachtsstimmung Geschenke kaufen verpacken unter den Christbaum legen

Tip 4: treat yourself to something nice

In order not to spoil the dreamy Christmas mood, you need to stay calm. Do what your heart desires! For example, you can treat yourself to a break and spend a wellness weekend with friends. A short winter vacation is also not a bad idea, especially a trip to southern countries is definitely worth it! If you can’t travel, treat yourself to something very special for Christmas. For example, you can buy beautiful jewelry, a picture or a vase! Every time you look at it, you are sure to get in a good mood and think back to this Christmas with fondness!

Have you already prepared and wrapped all of the gifts?

träumerische Weihnachtsstimmung Geschenke

Then treat yourself to some relaxation and let your mind wander!

träumerische Weihnachtsstimmung stilvolle Atmosphäre im Wohnzimmer

In this fairytale atmosphere you can fully enjoy the dreamy Christmas atmosphere in your four walls!

träumerische Weihnachtsstimmung schön dekoriertes Wohnzimmer traumhafte Atmosphäre alles glänzt

Christmas is actually an extensive and very popular theme for us. We want to look at it in different aspects and that’s why we are constantly reporting on it. With us you can read everything about the festival of all festivals – from the history of Christmas to Christmas decorations for inside and outside to the delicious recipes for a tasty festive meal. Just take enough time and browse our website afterwards! You are sure to find numerous ideas that will guarantee you a dreamy Christmas atmosphere at home! The Freshideen editorial team wishes you a lot of fun and a merry Christmas!

Create a unique dreamy Christmas atmosphere in your own four walls and enjoy it to the full!

träumerische Weihnachtsstimmung festlich dekoriertes Wohnzimmer Christbaum

Christmas all in white?

träumerische Weihnachtsstimmung Deko im Wohnzimmer ganz in Weiß sehr schön und reizvoll

träumerische Weihnachtsstimmung Deko im Wohnzimmer ganz in Weiß

Or those in the Scandinavian style?

träumerische Weihnachtsstimmung schlichte Deko im skandinavischen Stil

träumerische Weihnachtsstimmung schlichte Deko Ambiente im skandinavischen Stil

Add some color and create an atmospheric ambience!

träumerische Weihnachtsstimmung voll dekoriertes Wohnzimmer viel Farbe gute Laune

Enjoy the dreamy Christmas atmosphere in the living room!

träumerische Weihnachtsstimmung stilvoll geschmücktes Wohnzimmer traumhafte Atmosphäre genießen

träumerische Weihnachtsstimmung toll stilvoll dekoriertes Wohnzimmer viel Grün

träumerische Weihnachtsstimmung schöne Raumdeko leuchtender Christbaum

träumerische Weihnachtsstimmung stilvoll eingerichtetes Wohnzimmer schlichte Deko Christbaum

träumerische Weihnachtsstimmung weißer Sessel Kamin schön dekoriertes Wohnzimmer

träumerische Weihnachtsstimmung Wohnzimmer in Rot Weiß Grün dekoriert

träumerische Weihnachtsstimmung bunt dekoriertes Wohnzimmer viele Farben schöner Schmuck

träumerische Weihnachtsstimmung schlichte Deko im rustikalem Stil

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