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Create a sophisticated atmosphere with trendy blue and golden yellow

Would you like to be constantly reminded of the interplay between the sea and sand? How do we achieve this effect? Ideally through popular blue and gold color nuances in the interior design. Royal blue in particular, combined with yellow or golden yellow, creates a royal atmosphere that is not only intended for elegant and luxurious holiday homes by the sea. Today we want to show you some interesting uses of these two colors. Read on and take a look at our photos for new inspiration.

Blue nuances have a calming effect, such as the pillow in these beautiful colors. This accessory spices up the living room with its print motif. Suitable for the bedroom or living room, the pillow looks wonderful on your leather sofa.

Eclectic decorative pillows blue yellow golden yellow elegant exotic living room ideas

Eclectic decorative pillow with an interesting pattern in blue, yellow and golden yellow brings an elegant, exotic note into your home

This footstool with lush upholstery and golden lines is suitable for a regal ambience. The stately dark blue velvet will go particularly well with an upscale house design. Wouldn’t you like to decorate your study with this piece of furniture?

Velvet dark blue royal blue ottoman office home office living ideas

Royal blue stool for your home office, perhaps

Would you like to have a real eye-catcher in the room? This table lamp would fit wonderfully in an elegantly furnished house as well as in a modern apartment. This lamp is to be set as a unique accent, otherwise it will get lost in the decor.

Contemporary modern lamp table lamp turquoise green white bedside table side table living ideas

Contemporary table lamp in turquoise green and white for your bedside or side table

Let the sun shine in your house! This mirror with golden yellow rays brings elegance and luxury to any room.

Mirror rays luxury golden yellow designer home decor

A great eye-catcher in every ambience

Our next idea is for balcony design or outdoors. Luxurious and artistic elements make your balcony appear wonderful, but at the same time the upscale feeling is preserved.

Contemporary modern decorative pillows artistic balcony garden furniture turquoise blue blue gold yellow home ideas

Contemporary decorative cushion for your garden furniture in turquoise blue and golden yellow

Who doesn’t like these free spirits with extraordinary strength and grace? The animal print pillow brings modernity into the house and fits almost every furnishing style.

Eclectic modern decorative pillows, animal print pillows, blue and white living ideas

This decorative pillow with animal print looks eclectic and modern

This table lamp in contemporary design looks great on a bedside table or side table in your reading corner. With its golden yellow accents, it gives the ambience an upscale look.

Contemporary table lamp lamp white golden yellow yellow dark blue royal blue bedside table side table reading corner living ideas

Contemporary table lamp enchants with its design and the selected colors

Eat breakfast like a queen with these stylish royal blue serving trays. With their magnificent design, they are reminiscent of times gone by. A real hit!

Serving tray dark blue royal blue yellow golden yellow breakfast ideas-living ideas

Serving tray in royal blue an upscale breakfast idea

This luxurious modern lamp with its golden yellow lampshade contrasts with the lamp base in washed-out colors and the shape of a heart.

Lamp light metal turquoise blue golden yellow flower living room ideas

Floor lamp in the shape of a flower shines in turquoise blue

The art prints are of course a matter of taste. This eclectic image will highlight an otherwise poorly lit corner of the living room. Do not forget that in 2016 yellow is especially timely.

Feather colorful yellow golden yellow deco eclectic living ideas

Colorful feather in the frame as a wall decoration. an interesting idea!

The shiny metal and the turquoise blue color cheer up the atmosphere immediately. The small flower patterns create an opulent atmosphere. Don’t you immediately think about your next summer vacation in Mallorca?

Golden yellow table lamp lamp bedside table luxurious modern color washed out living room ideas

Golden yellow table lamp creates a luxury feeling on your bedside table

The combination of light walls and royal blue looks very sleek and modern. As we have seen, color is played generously here. The stylish objects made of metal and glass enrich the home design with their grace. Are you inspired?

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