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Create autumn atmosphere with autumn decorations at home

We love autumn and the cozy feeling that you can feel in every home during this beautiful season. This is the perfect time to give your own four walls a typical autumn touch. Decorate your house or apartment so that you welcome autumn and invite the new season into your home! Do you need a cozy reading corner where you can retreat or do you want to furnish a room comfortably so that you can spend a long time together with friends and family? Both variants are excellent and today we want to show you which autumn colors you can use for your home decoration to make your home look magical and even make you dreamy. Here we have six great ideas for yours Autumn decoration prepared:

Leaf print – so striking and appealing!

autumn wall decor

The wall niche is refreshed with a beautiful print of leaves and immediately attracts everyone’s attention

Perhaps you are now in doubt? What to choose? Is a flower print better than a leaf print? Or do you prefer to do it abstract? We want to guess, choose a wall print with autumnal leaves and create one autumn mood at home! A wall print with leaf patterns immediately turns into an absolute eye-catcher in the room, especially if you choose the typical autumn colors for it, such as red, orange or brown. Mix these with neutrals so that the leaf print could stand out. Parallel to the wall print with autumn leaves, you can transfer the same motif to decorative pillows or even spice up an armchair with the leaf print!

Decorate indoors and outdoors with pumpkins

autumn decoration

Pumpkins are an important element of any autumn decoration, both indoors and out

As is well known, in autumn you can find pumpkins in different shapes and colors in your own garden or at the weekly market. Get the ones that you like the most and make them the main objects of your fall decorations, both indoors and outdoors. The pumpkins are welcome everywhere – outside on the veranda or balcony, in front of the house entrance or in the garden, or inside on the living room table or on the mantelpiece. They are magical eye-catchers and the undoubted symbols of autumn.

Furnish your home comfortably and feel the autumn mood in all rooms


Make yourself comfortable in front of the fireplace and enjoy the autumn atmosphere at home

Autumn is the perfect time of year to create a cozy place at home where you can sit quietly and have hot tea or coffee. Or, if you prefer, you could spend hours reading your favorite book or an interesting magazine there. Choose a comfortable place and arrange it accordingly. You would certainly need a soft, cozy blanket and a couple of fluffy pillows in case you want to make yourself comfortable in front of the fireplace. There you could just sit and relax for a long time.

fireplace autumn decoration

A decorative fireplace is easy to decorate with fall decorations

Decorate a wall or corner for autumn!

autumn flowers wall decoration items

This corner carries the typical autumn mood and spreads it through the whole room

You don’t have to decorate your whole house for autumn! You can just pick one corner or wall and add the accent of your fall decoration there. This is wonderfully shown here in the picture: two ladders are leaning against the wall and various decorative items have been distributed on the individual stairs. Pumpkins are a must and the autumn flowers are also a must. Do all of this in the colors of fall. So invite autumn straight to your home!

Funny messages on the wall or classic quotes create the festive atmosphere


Classic quotes or funny messages bring a personal flair

We all want to celebrate the arrival of autumn in a solemn manner. Design your home so that it spreads a festive atmosphere. Put classic quotes or funny messages on the wall or write them on a board inside your fall decoration corner! All of these texts give your autumn decoration a very personal touch.

Don’t forget the beautiful autumn flowers and plants!


The autumn flowers are an inseparable part of your autumn decoration at home!

Do you want to meet beautiful Autumn flowers and surround plants at home? They are the right messengers of the new season and they make it very clear: autumn is here! Outside in the garden or in the forest, collect beautiful autumn flowers, dry plants, leaves and pumpkins, of course, and arrange them at home! Yes, autumn is a beautiful, colorful season that we all love!

autumn decoration idea

Ears of wheat in vintage vases are a great autumn decoration idea

ideas autumn decorations

You can have dry autumn flowers in every living room


Succulents with small pumpkins, cones and acorns are a real eye-catcher on the living room table


Fresh autumn flowers from the farmers’ market adorn your home this season

kurbis-deco-pillows-in-the-living room

The pumpkin print on the decorative pillows in the living room clearly indicates: autumn is here!

saver autumn wreath decoration element

A beautiful autumn wreath on the front door is the obligatory decorative element for many house owners

autumn wreath

You can also hang an autumn wreath on the window in the living room


An owl in the kitchen !? Yes, you can implement this DIY decoration idea very quickly and spice up the kitchen wall

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