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Those who live in the country today are lucky! He has a garden next to the house, lots of green and colorful flowers in every season. Those who are in the big city live under completely different conditions. Skyscrapers, row houses, urban canyons and a lot of asphalt determine the cityscape, but little greenery and a lot of dust. Without parks and gardens, the city air is so polluted that some days it is difficult to breathe. For this reason, every effort is made to make optimal use of every free space between the houses. Many big city children want to design a small city garden there for family, neighbors and friends. Today we want to show you how this can be achieved in text and pictures. We have selected fresh ideas for creating small urban gardens and now want to present them to our readership.

This picture is sure to sound familiar to you if you live in a big city.

Kleinen Stadtgarten gestalten auf wenig Fläche Tisch Stühle aus Metall

  • Design a small city garden so that it is embedded in green

Regardless of whether you belong to an urban gardening group or not, your goal in designing a small urban garden should be exactly this: green, green and again green! First try to green the free space behind your house. You need to be patient, however, because small trees and evergreen shrubs need time to grow and develop their lush greenery. Choose those types of plants that are weather-resistant, perennial, and long-lived. In principle, these adapt perfectly to the climatic conditions in the big city.

Turn the back yard into a little oasis in the open air.

Hinterhof in eine kleine Oase im Feien verwandeln kleinen Stadtgarten gestalten

Even if the outside area is limited, you can opt for a green wall. This ensures you the desired freshness on hot summer days and provides a natural flair in every small city garden. Perennial evergreen climbing plants such as ivy, for example, can help you a lot to green your small urban garden. But if you have enough space, you can also plant garden flowers. These bring more color to your small city garden during their flowering phase and create a cheerful atmosphere all around.

You can optically enlarge the limited space and create a small city garden there.

Einen kleinen Stadtgarten gestalten den begrenzten Raum durch großen Wandspiegel optisch vergrößern

Beautiful tulips are real eye-catchers in this small city garden.

Schöne Tulpen richtige Hingucker im kleinen Stadtgarten

  • Simple seating furniture fits perfectly in the small city garden

A small city garden that is green and comfortably designed can turn into your favorite outdoor spot. In good weather you can relax there after a hard day’s work and spend pleasant hours alone. In addition, a small city garden could also be a place for cozy get-togethers with friends or for chatting with nice neighbors. To do this, you need very simple seating furniture that fits in well with the style of your small city garden. A garden table made of wood or metal and a bench or a couple of chairs complete the seating area in the green. Ultimately, it is important that you have the opportunity to stay in the fresh air for a long time in the city and recharge your batteries with solar energy. Every small city garden is preprogrammed for this, isn’t it?

Small outdoor seating area that invites you to cozy chat.

Hortensien grüne Wand Sitzecke im Freien kleinen Stadtgarten gestalten

Plastic garden furniture is also a good option for the small urban garden

Gartenmöbel aus Plastik gute Option im kleinen Stadtgarten

Use every free space to be able to design a small city garden….

Kleinen Stadtgarten gestalten Platz nutzen im Freien oder auf dem Balkon

… and make yourself comfortable and cozy there.

Kleinen Stadtgarten viel Platz luxuriöse Gestaltung bequeme Sitzecke Hund

The small city garden can be designed according to the English garden design

Kleiner Stadtgarten nach englischem Gartendesign gestaltet

small city garden designed according to English garden design

kleiner Stadtgarten

… or be very modest on your own balcony.

Hortensien Geranien im Blumentopf kleinen Stadtgarten

Blumen in Töpfen kleinen Stadtgarten gestalten auf dem Balkon

Use the extension of the house and create a small city garden right there in front.

Kleinen Stadtgarten gestalten vor der Hauserweiterung

A glass canopy is very appropriate in the big city.

Überdachung aus Glas kleinen Stadtgarten gestalten

A design idea for lovers of antiquity

Kleinen Stadtgarten gestalten tolle Idee für Liebhaber der Antike kleines Schlafsofa draußen

You can green this bare place

Kleinen Stadtgarten gestalten den kahlen Platz begrünen

… and transform it into a garden oasis in the big city

Kleine Gartenoase in der Großstadt kleinen Stadtgarten gestalten Bäume Sträucher Wintergarten

Surround yourself with greenery and beautiful flowers …

Sich mit viel Grün und schönen Blumen umgeben kleinen Stadtgarten gestalten

… and enjoy the time outdoors.

Viele Blumen Gewächshaus unter Glashaube kleinen Stadtgarten gestalten

kleinen Stadtgarten grüne Wand Holzkisten mit Kräutern

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