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Create individual pieces of jewelery with kitchen tiles

Do you want to remodel your kitchen? When designing the kitchen rear wall, you have infinite freedom.

The kitchen mirror is practical. I agree. Where water and grease get on the wall, the surface must be easy to care for and resistant. It looks great optically. Yes. The modern kitchen mirrors allow the attachment of desired motifs and offer a variety of alternatives.

How do you find the right tile pattern?

The kitchen equipment is one of the essential decisions in home design. The family meeting point should be carefully planned and individually designed. We have collected beautiful living examples in modern, classic and rustic furnishing styles for you.

The kitchen is one of the most frequently visited rooms, so the wall tiles should be of high quality and skilfully laid on the wall. The innovative materials constantly ensure a high quality of the tiles.

Kitchen back wall copper look modern

Extravagance and diversity in decor

Noble variants that are real eye-catchers in the room are often selected for the kitchen. In addition to their gorgeous appearance, the kitchen tiles are robust and easy to keep clean. The glazed tiles are even more dirt-repellent.

Wall tiles tile format kitchen

Stylish redesign with fine surface structures and muted colors

Kitchen mirror original kitchen rear wall

Brilliant optics for an extraordinary room atmosphere

The mosaic tiles remind us of conventional tile mirror designs and find their place in cozy furnishings, not just in country kitchens.

Kitchen back wall mosaic kitchen warm

Lively contrasting color combinations

The range of models for tiles is currently so diverse that there is something for every taste. The individual color and pattern designs range from subtle to structured to unusual.

Kitchen splashback red black white tiles

Homely geometry in an atmospheric interplay

individual kitchen idea

Original arrangement with a touch of luxury

Country kitchen wall tiles retro style

A tile mirror in a striking accent color for large areas

The elegant, modern wall tiles with a subtle, cool look meet the highest demands. One Such matching tiling in the current design turns into an eye-catching work of art.

Countertops natural stone elegant designer kitchen

Luxurious modernity with a subtle kitchen mirror

The kitchen splashbacks are gaining more and more attention. Diverse laying patterns cleverly contribute to the overall look.

Wall tiles on the kitchen rear wall discreetly

The light shades have it all

Ceramic, small-format, colorful tiles – everything is there! Make the right choice and decorate your kitchen mirror tastefully! You will never regret that!

Wall cabinets cosiness charm country kitchen

Variety of formats in shell white with heart decoration and matching frames

Moroccan tile ornaments patchwork pattern

Wall cabinets bring cosiness and charm to the country kitchen

Floor tiles kitchen environmentally friendly natural materials

The mosaic tiles are a hit for the kitchen floor

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