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Creative ideas for DIY bed headboards

What does your dream bed look like? A large, comfortable mattress, a cozy blanket and your favorite pillow are sure to make up a modern bed. What could still be missing? Oh yes, the impressive, self-made headboard that protects us from the cold wall and ensures a special comfort.

The DIY headboards are usually bold and colorful. The minimalist designs can also show interesting patterns and thus make the whole bed look cozy. You can see numerous, self-made headboards in our article today. Discover atmospheric variants below and see for yourself the extent to which they can spice up your interior!

So what variants are available to you?

The quilted headboard: on every visit to old castles, we have all seen the magnificent French bed headboards. The classic models are often quilted, curved and decorated. The headboards are made from beautiful, high quality fabric.

The ends of the bed with pretty buttons are easy to design. First, remove the large cushion from the old sofa. Second, quilted yarn is pulled straight through the fabric. Finally the buttons are attached. Use either buttons that are color-coordinated with the upholstery or unusual ones.

Bedroom DIY headboard quilted light gray

The quilted bed ends give the room design a retro touch.

The painted headboard: With this variant, you can show your painting skills. The headboard can be easily separated from the bed and spiced up with trendy geometric patterns, washi tape or a photo. First think about a matching color combination and design it yourself!

Bedroom boho chic decor photo rug

With a photo carpet you can give the room the special look you want it to be

Wall design bedroom canvas saying minimalist

Modern sayings on the wall are very popular at the moment: all you need is a canvas and your favorite saying

DIY project headboard wood geometric pattern colorful

A wooden headboard is your canvas!

The vintage headboard: do you like going to the flea market? Or maybe you have inherited a Vintrage item or have you always wanted to display one in your house? Now the time has come, because unusual accessories look impressive behind the bed.

Wall design bed head vintage mirror

Vintage mirrors as an eye-catcher in the cozy bedroom

The headboard made of textile: Sometimes you can use the existing home textiles to achieve a great effect. Did you buy a decorated bedspread on your last vacation? A beautiful pattern can work wonders in bedroom design.

Home textiles headboard bed quilted blanket

A quilted ceiling as a headboard creates comfort

Design headboard textiles patterned black

Home textiles with interesting patterns make great covers for the existing bed headboard

DIY project four poster bed luxurious ceiling

DIY four-poster bed with a great, classy look

Natural wood patterns would be a suitable option for all shabby chic fans. Light nuances of wood would go perfectly with the rest of the furniture. Equipped with modern back cushions in a geometric mix of patterns, the right relaxation is ensured.

Headboard design ideas wood look minimalist

The minimalist headboard ensures a modern, tinted look

Headboard natural look plywood shelf

Headboard made of natural material with built-in shelf for the most essential accessories

The assembly of an individually designed headboard can be done quickly and easily. Combined with cozy bed linen and decorative pillows, you will never want to leave bed.

Headboard DIY artificial flowers Shabby Chic

Stylish, romantic headboard with artificial flowers

Headboard wood geometric pattern white

A headboard works particularly well when attached to a double bed

Headboard ideas bedroom fireplace console

The fireplace console frames the bed in a unique way

Wall design home ideas wallpaper frame

The framed wallpaper is a clever, affordable idea for the wall behind the single bed

Dark brown wood headboard all around

The headboard forms a small corner and creates a feeling of security for the sleeper

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