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Creative wall decorations with chalk boards

Blackboard and chalk – many people remember that from school. It wasn’t particularly aesthetic back then. Today, however, the chalk board has developed further and has become a real eye-catcher in your own four walls. Artful lettering, a to-do list that you like to tick off or colorful works of art on rustic and modern chalkboards are all the rage.

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To-dos, inspirational quotes, artwork, and more

A chalk board with a creative frame on the wall, a board to set up in the garden or as a small table stand – with chalk boards it feels much more rustic and cozy. Give your home its very own and individual charm with a creative chalk board.

The possibilities of the chalkboard are really endless. Hang magnetic chalkboards on your fridge and write down your to-do list or menu plan for the coming week. The so-called hand lettering is very much in vogue, whereby you put your favorite quotes on the board in artistic handwriting. Works of art also look really good on chalk boards – and best of all, if you misspelling or painting yourself, you can just pick up a sponge and a bit of water. One swipe and your mistake is no longer visible. There are really no limits to your creativity.

Bought or homemade bars?

The selection of chalk boards is huge. Matching chalkboards in all sizes, with classic wooden frames, creative and modern frames or as a small display can be purchased depending on your needs and taste. Discover chalkboards that fit your style and are inexpensive at all. Do you want to buy a large display for your garden? Take a high-quality chalk board that will last a long time and in some cases even defy wind and weather. When buying, look out for chalkboards that have a light but not too rough surface. This is where the chalk sticks best and can just as easily be wiped off again.

If you like it particularly individual, you can get blackboard paint and use it to paint an entire wall in the apartment. The color behaves a little differently than a classic board made of slate or comparable materials, but you can really express yourself creatively!

The writing materials – A simple piece of chalk will do just fine

You can easily write on all chalkboards with a small piece of chalk. The small, commercially available table pieces can be purchased almost anywhere. You can also use normal street chalk. As a rule, the more colorful pieces of chalk are not heavily pigmented. Lettering and works of art therefore appear a bit paler and not as colorful. For more pigments on the board, you should dampen the surface with clean water or wet the chalk.

Writing with a piece of chalk takes skill. The smaller blackboard chalk feels better in the hand than the thick street chalk, but it still lacks the feel of a normal pen. With a little practice you can also write with chalk. Be careful not to press the chalk too hard on the board. The pieces are very fragile under a lot of pressure. Pieces of chalk are particularly suitable for beginners and people who might want to let off steam with their children with works of art on the chalk board.

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In addition to the classic chalk, you can use chalk pens or chalk markers. They offer you “liquid chalk”, so to speak, which is particularly highly pigmented and therefore brings a lot of color to the blackboard. The chalk paint in the pens is water-based and, like normal chalk, can be easily wiped off the blackboard. Chalk pens and chalk markers are available in different colors. Often these are a little more expensive than standard chalk, but it’s worth it if you want your chalk board to shine with colors.

In 6 steps to the perfect chalkboard!

Would you like to personalize your chalkboard, but don’t know how to start? Then here are a few creative tips for you!

  1. Pick out your new chalk board

Of course, in order to get started, you have to choose a chalkboard. In craft stores or online shops you will find a huge selection of different chalk boards to hang or set up. Think about where the chalk board should be placed and what you want to show on the board – then you can buy the right model.

  1. The preparation of your new board

When you have your new chalk board in hand, you’d like to go straight to it, right? But before you can really start, you should prepare your chalkboard so that you can enjoy designing for a long time.

Paint the entire surface of your chalk board with chalk. Then wipe the layer with a damp cloth. This not only gives the table a rustic look, but also ensures that future works of art hold up and come into their own. This preparation also prevents so-called “ghosting” from occurring – residues from old lettering do not remain so much on the board.

  1. Think about your subject

So now we can start! If you’re more of the type who doesn’t plan and just wants to get started, just bring the design onto the board now. Chalk is very forgiving and if you are not satisfied with the motif, you can simply pick up a sponge and eliminate the mistakes.

But if you are still unsure, you can first try out ideas and patterns on a piece of paper. Do not be afraid to use templates and stencils! You can create the patterns with your writing program, for example. You can also find free templates on the Internet.

Our tip: Tracing on chalkboards is very easy. Simply print out a motif and paint the back of the paper with chalk. Then lay the pattern with the chalk side on the board. Trace the edges with a ballpoint pen or pencil. Then remove the sheet of paper. This gives you the first lines that you just have to trace with the chalk.

  1. Always have chalk and water ready

When using classic chalk, water is very important. Because with a damp blackboard and a damp piece of chalk it is much easier to write. Don’t get confused – the chalk often looks very pale on a wet surface. But as soon as the water evaporates, the colors of the chalk shine.

You can also easily erase mistakes with the water. Use a paper towel or a cotton swab if you only want to wipe away small imperfections.

  1. Round off your work of art on the chalk board with decorations and color accents

Quotes can be staged with beautiful handwriting and a few decorations. So that the board remains legible, you should first put the writing on the board. Finally, you bring decorative elements and color accents onto the board. These give your chalkboard that certain something.

Let off steam according to your preferences. When designing your very own chalk board, the design options are almost endless. But if you don’t have any ideas, you can find inspiration on the internet. There are very many artists who proudly present their chalkboard. Maybe there are a few ideas for you?

  1. Fixing for a long-lasting work of art

If you hang or set up your chalkboard in your own four walls, the chalk will actually last a very long time. If you set up your blackboard outside, however, it is very important to fix it, because sun rays can easily fade the chalk.

It’s actually very easy to do with a household item: hairspray! The hairspray fixes and protects against sun rays and light rain. However, it is water-soluble and can be easily wiped off with a sponge.

And as soon as your work of art is fixed, the chalkboard is ready for use. Have fun designing the chalkboard and let off steam creatively!

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