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Current baby room trends 2021 – what you should know about them?

Congratulation! You are having a baby! When there is great joy and you are expected to have offspring in the next few months, it is already time to think about designing a room especially for the little one. Surely you want to conjure up a cozy nest for your baby, where he feels comfortable, comfortable and right at home. All parents want the best for their sweetheart, which is why they try to build a cozy little kingdom for their expected offspring where they are in good hands. That is why the age-old rule still applies today: the baby room must be bright, friendly and safe. We have described how you can design such a room in other articles on our website. Today we want to present you the current baby room trends for 2021. Anyone who knows these can easily and easily design a beautiful room for their little darling. Stick with it and find out more!

Current baby room trends 2021 show what’s in this room this year!

Babyzimmer Trends 2021 helles Gemütliches Zimmer weiche Texturen Naturmaterialien Rattan neutrale Farben Beige Hellbraun etwas Grün

Warm natural colors and natural materials are in demand in the baby room like never before.

Babyzimmer Trends 2021 warme Naturfarben Beige Hellbraun weiche Naturmaterialien Teppich Kissen Decke Sessel aus Rattan

A modest but lovingly designed baby room!

Babyzimmer Trends 2021 Bett Hocker aus Rattan Naturfarben weiche Textilien gemütlich liebevoll

What’s new in baby room trends 2021?

Most parents prefer gender neutral baby room to design. These are currently much more popular than the traditional rooms for newborn boys or girls. This trend also dictates the room design in the baby room. This has a rather neutral effect and is mostly based on old values ​​such as nature and a thirst for adventure. That is why numerous natural elements are an absolute must in this year’s baby room design. These have a gender-neutral effect and are suitable for any room, i.e. for both a boy and a girl. The Scandinavian style and modern room design in the baby room are also far from the topic of gender. These are undoubtedly part of the current baby room trends in 2021 and are now in great demand. Most likely because of their simplicity and the timing touch they bring to this room. Because everything in the baby room has to be comfortable and practical. The baby feels comfortable there and his parents can take care of everything quickly and precisely when it comes to baby care.

Gender-neutral baby rooms are now more in demand than ever before.

Babyzimmer Trends 2021geschlechtsneutrale Räume sowohl für Jungen als auch für Mädchen neutrale Farben

Comfort is now a top priority and it is hard to imagine the baby room trends in 2021 without it.

Babyzimmer Trends 2021 Erdfarbtöne Naturmaterialien weiche Texturen Gemütlichkeit pur

Bring a definite hygge feeling into the baby room to enjoy more cosiness there.

Babyzimmer Trends 2021 Gemütlichkeit pur Hygge Feeling neutrale Farben Weiß Grau

The next baby room trend in 2021 is actually not new, but it is very current at the moment. Interior designers and designers suggest that you treat yourself to more cosiness in 2021. For this reason, the hygge style is also particularly popular in the baby room. It transforms the room into an inviting and extremely cozy place for babies and parents. To achieve the hygge effect, we recommend the following: Opt for a relaxed room design. For example, you can provide a soft light there by using suitable floor and wall lamps. Get soft fabrics and textiles. These can be laid on top of each other in layers to emphasize the feeling of warmth and security. Use natural and organic materials like wood and rattan. They register perfectly in every baby room. Last but not least, only include things that you really need and that make you and your baby happy. How to design a hyggelike baby room!

Warmth and security have top priority here.

Babyzimmer Trends 2021 Wärme und Geborgenheit praktische Einrichtung weicher Teppich Hund neutrale Farben

This calming room atmosphere is good for both parents and babies.

Babyzimmer Trends 2021 beruhigende Raumatmosphäre Weiß Beige Schokoladenbraun weiche

Soft textiles bring a hygge feeling into the room.

Babyzimmer Trends 2021Naturfasern Stoffe weiche Textilien Grautöne bringen ein Hygge Feeling

Which topics are trendy in baby room design this year?

Topics like forest and wildlife are very trendy in baby and nursery design. And rightly so. They fit perfectly with the concept of gender-neutral rooms for the little ones. In this regard, one primarily chooses neutral colors, especially natural shades such as mustard and green and all shades of brown. This urge for more naturalness is also noticeable with the toys and the room decorations. Plush toys of all kinds decorate the room, murals with animals or lush leaves decorate the free space above the bed. So that you can bring the magic of future adventures closer, you can even add a teepee tent in a free corner of the baby room. This is how you create a very private space for your little child to play and have fun!

Animal pictures as well as plush toys are an indispensable part of the baby room in 2021.

Babyzimmer Trends 2021 drei Wandbilder Wildtiere über dem Bett Plüschtieren warme Decke

Babyzimmer Trends 2021 nette Raumgestaltung verschiedene Nuancen Grün Tipi Zelt im Zimmer Plüschtiere Würfel

A wall wallpaper with forest motifs can freshen up the baby room enormously.

Babyzimmer Trends 2021 Bett Baby Wandtapete mit Waldmotiven grüne Bäume wirkt erfrischend

Babyzimmer Trends 2021 schöne Raumdeko aus Holz Rattan Tierfiguren weiche

This year the holiday theme has its well-deserved place in baby and children’s room design. Although we cannot travel as usual, interior designs inspired by the tropics, the beach and the ocean are incredibly popular right now. Since this theme makes both children and parents happy and reminds them of sunny days and long white beaches, it is one of the current baby room trends in 2021. Rely on wallpapers with tropical patterns such as lush palm leaves and pink flamingos. Place at least one green potted plant in your baby’s room, for example a violin fig. These little details will spice up the room atmosphere enormously and have a good effect on your mood.

Tropical patterns like these large palm leaves are very popular in nursery decor.

Babyzimmer Trends 2021 tropische Muster große Palmenblätter als Muster Erdfarben Makramee

Babyzimmer Trends 2021 weiche weiße Texturen tropische Muster Palmenblätter Geigenfeige im Topf

Everything connected with a beach holiday by the sea is in again this year!

Babyzimmer Trends 2021 schöner Raum Grau Weiß Hellblau Ozeanbild Urlaubsgefühl

Babyzimmer Trends 2021 Wanddekoration Bilder Urlaubsthema präsent kleiner Teppich vor dem Bett

Babyzimmer Trends 2021 weicher Teppich Wandbilder viele Spielsachen neben dem Bett

Small decorative items that put you in a good mood.

Babyzimmer Trends 2021 weißes Bett runder Spiegel Spielzeug Oktopode Urlaubsfeeling

Babyzimmer Trends 2021 Wandtapete in Hellblau Ozeanwellen fröhliche Deko

Which color palette is typical for the baby room trends 2021?

After you are more or less familiar with the latest baby room trends 2021, it is now the turn of the right color palette. As we have already mentioned, earth tones are all the rage this year, in every room design, including in the baby room. The reason for this is that the earth nuances have a calming and relaxing effect and reduce any stress. In addition, they fit perfectly into a gender-neutral room design and can also be enrolled in the boho style baby room. Warm earth tones ensure that everyone feels comfortable and cozy and make the whole baby room appear warmer and more inviting. That is why they are highly recommended this year.

Warm earth tones have a very calming effect …

Babyzimmer Trends 2021 Naturmaterialien warmes Holz erdige Farbtöne

… create a relaxed atmosphere in the baby room …

Babyzimmer Trends 2021 entspannte Raumatmosphäre geschlechtsneutraler Raum Naturmaterialien Holz Rattan Erdnuancen Brauntöne

…. And can reduce any stress.

Babyzimmer Trends 2021 fröhliche Wandtapete viele warme Farben Naturmaterialien Rattan warmes Beige und Braun

In principle, pastel colors are particularly popular when it comes to room design in the baby room. Soft nuances of blue, pink, yellow, green and Co. complete the baby room and transform it into an oasis of relaxation. Exactly what parents and babies need, right?

You can’t go wrong with pastel colors!

Babyzimmer Trends 2021 Wandfarbe pastellgrün frische einladende Raumatmosphäre

Babyzimmer Trends 2021 Wandfarbe Pastellblau helles Ambiente Korb aus Rattan Spielsachen Topfpflanze

Let yourself be further inspired for a trendy baby room!

Babyzimmer Trends 2021schönes Zimmer in rosa Farbtönen gemusterter Teppich Bett Sessel Zimmerpflanze

Babyzimmer Trends 2021 schöne Gestaltung tropische Blätter Muster in sattem Grün Baby

Babyzimmer Trends 2021 gemütlicher kleiner Raum Licht Fenster Erdnuancen verschiedene Brauntöne

Babyzimmer Trends 2021 gemütlicher Raum Bett weiche Textilien Erdnuancen Makramee

Babyzimmer Trends 2021 Wandtapete in Grau und Hellblau helle Raumgestaltung weiße Babyzimmermöbel

Babyzimmer Trends 2021 bequemer Sessel Bett Wurfdecke Topfpflanze Spielsachen

Babyzimmer Trends 2021 unter der Dachschräge gemütlich bescheidene Einrichtung und Raumgestaltung

Babyzimmer Trends 2021 gemütliche Raumatmosphäre viel Licht warme Farben Beige Hellbraun Frühlingskränze an der Wand

Babyzimmer Trends 2021 heller weiter Raum Weiß und Grau dominieren weicher Teppich Hängeleuchte Rattan ideen

Babyzimmer Trends 2021 Gemütlichkeit Hygge Feeling neutrale Farben Graunuancen Topfpflanze in der Ecke ideen

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