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Current outdoor trends 2020 transform every outdoor area into a popular retreat

Believe it or not, there are fashion trends in garden design too. Some only stay trendy for a season or two, while others stay current for years and are even considered classic. In the following, we would like to report which outdoor trends 2020 in the garden, on the terrace or the open veranda are current this summer. It is good to know these outdoor trends, because they have a strong influence on the first impression that guests or passers-by get of your outdoor area. Additionally, you see the landscaped gardens and front yard as the first things every time you come home. It is therefore of paramount importance that your outdoor area is beautiful, stylish and inviting. With our tips and information about the current outdoor trends 2020, you will surely be able to create the perfect retreat for you, your family and friends.

Outdoor trends 2020: Create a wonderful place outside where you can enjoy real relaxation….

Outdoor Trends 2020 Rückzugsort im Freien Sitzbank weiche Kissen Rosenbogen rosa Blüten

… and be able to really reduce the stress of everyday life in your green oasis.

Outdoor Trends 2020 grüne Oase im Freien halb überdachte Veranda Couch viel Grün sehr einladend

Outdoor trends 2020: the border between inside and outside is disappearing!

Outdoor Trends 2020 Esstisch aus Holz Stühle mit weißen Bezügen unter Überdachung die Grenze zwischen drinnen und draußen verschwindet

Outdoor trends 2020: The living space is being extended outside.

One of the hottest outdoor trends right now is creating spaces that are reminiscent of indoor spaces but are outdoors. The idea behind it is a seamless transition between the inside of the house and the outside area. People want to be as comfortable as possible outside and spend more time outdoors. If you want to follow this 2020 outdoor trend, you should consider an outdoor getaway. Set it up with comfortable lounge furniture, make sure to set up wide parasols and surround yourself with comfort. You even go a step further and not only set up a second living room outdoors, but also a small bedroom in the garden. Old beds, newly upholstered armchairs or hammocks, which invite you to take a nap outside, are used for this. It becomes so cozy outside that you even lose the desire to leave this outdoor space!

The 2020 outdoor trend to live under the open sky….

Outdoor Trends 2020 Wohnzimmer im Freien überdachte Veranda Sofas Sessel Kamin Tisch

… always finds new followers.

Outdoor Trends 2020 gemütliche Sitzecke im Freien erinnert an Wohnbereich Wandspiegel Holztisch Flechtmöbel weiche Kissen Grün Blumen

Treat yourself to the comfort outside that you also enjoy inside.

Outdoor Trends 2020 viel Komfort draußen überdachte Veranda Sofas weiche Polsterung Essecke

People like to receive visitors here!

Outdoor Trends 2020 Besuch empfangen draußen überdachte Veranda Esstisch gedeckt Kamin im Hintergrund

Beautiful and colorful patterns create a happy atmosphere in the outdoor area

When we write about the 2020 outdoor trends, we cannot skip the colorful patterns. These deserve a lot of attention because they beautify the area outside and make it even more homely, cozy and inviting. So opt for patterned carpets, printed cushions, soft pillows and cozy throw blankets when it may get cooler on some evenings. Choose the textiles in cheerful colors according to your taste and style, because they can even have a positive effect on your mood. There must be no mix of colors, stay true to your interior design and bring the color palette from the inside to the outside. You can’t go wrong with this tactic!

There must be no mix of colors, patterns and textures!

Outdoor Trends 2020 Außenbereich Treppe kein Mix aus Farben Mustern

Outdoor Trends 2020 Außenbereich Treppe kein Mix aus Farben Mustern Texturen ideen

It is better to express your style and taste in the outdoor area too!

Outdoor Trends 2020 blau gemusterte Texturen Stil und Geschmack in der Outdoor Gestaltung gepolstertes Sofa Sessel Beleuchtung

Outdoor Trends 2020 viele Farben Muster verschiedene Texturen schöner Anblick voller Gemütlichkeit

You can take a nap in this little garden shed!

Outdoor Trends 2020 kleines Gartenhaus Bett Decken zum Nickerchen einladend wirken

The natural look is definitely one of the 2020 outdoor trends

There is nothing better than immersing yourself in nature and enjoying its peace and complete harmony there. Surround yourself with greenery and beautiful garden flowers that give off a delicate scent. All of this is particularly good for the senses and the soul. The environment outside is created as if by nature. You can add something for the comfort of your relaxation zone. Here we mean outdoor furniture and accessories that make your outdoor area trendy but cozy at the same time. For example, garden furniture in a rustic design is currently very trendy and will define the 2020 outdoor trends. Wood, rattan and teak are exactly what you need as a material outside. The following fact is also interesting – the wood goes wonderfully with other natural materials such as stone, gravel, bricks, ceramics and the like. Together they form a whole that is simply unsurpassable. The following picture examples illustrate this very well.

Naturalness in many shapes and colors!

Outdoor Trends 2020 Terrasse stilvoll gestaltet Sofa weiche Kissen Hocker viel Grün Blumen gemusterte Keramik Treppe

Draw new strength directly from the surrounding nature!

Outdoor Trends 2020 Sitzecke um die Feuerstelle im Freien vier Sessel viele Ziergräser Natur pur Kies Gartenpfade

Surround yourself with nature and comfort!

Outdoor Trends 2020 Gartenmöbel aus Paletten weiche Polsterung in Weiß viel Natur ringsherum

Colorful mosaic furniture is now the focus of attention

There is something new among the 2020 outdoor trends that is now attracting a lot of attention. This is about colorful mosaic furniture and accessories. These have been around in the Mediterranean for a long time, but they are now experiencing a real revival here. Mosaic tables and benches catch the eye and establish themselves as a wonderful outdoor trend. In addition, such items are low-maintenance and durable. These characteristics make them a great option for outdoors. From tables and benches to planters and mosaic-covered flamingos, this trend is sure to make your outdoor space bolder.

This mosaic table top is a great eye-catcher on the terrace.

Outdoor Trends 2020 Mosaik Tischplatte bunt Hingucker auf der Terrasse darauf Sukkulenten in Laterne

Outdoor Trends 2020 Mosaik Tischplatte bunt Hingucker im Garten runde Form

Outdoor Trends 2020 zwei Mosaik Tische bunt toller Hingucker auf der Terrasse

Outdoor LED lighting is a must

Last but not least, we don’t want to forget the right outdoor lighting and include it among the 2020 outdoor trends. In this regard, there is an increasing trend towards using LED lighting outside. We have already published many articles about this. Here we would like to say it again – LED lighting is a great idea to create a special, stylish and even dreamlike outdoor ambience in the evening. This also contributes a lot to the good atmosphere in the open air. Such lighting will make any outdoor space more cozy and comfortable, and completely change its appearance. For example, illuminate the dining area so that you and your loved ones are not left in the dark while eating outside. Hang lights over your hammock or bed to make it more welcoming. Emphasize your planters with some lights – all of this will make your outdoor area special.

In this magical atmosphere and on the hammock you can totally forget the time!

Outdoor Trends 2020 Hängematte im Garten zwischen zwei Bäumen LED Beleuchtung magische Atmosphäre

In the evening it shouldn’t be dark at all, on the contrary even….

Outdoor Trends 2020 passende LED Beleuchtung im Außenbereich hell einladend stimmungsvoll

Then you can only be happy that you can live outside all summer long and spend a lot of time outdoors with friends and family! Follow our 2020 outdoor trends and you will never regret it! We wish you a wonderful summer 2020!

The 2020 outdoor trends are child’s play to follow.

Outdoor Trends 2020 leicht zu befolgen passende LED Beleuchtung für Terrasse

Outdoor Trends 2020 natürliches Design Kamin Outdoor Möbel aus dunklem Holz Hängelampe schönes Panorama

Outdoor Trends 2020 herrlich gestalteter Essbereich im Freien großer Tisch Stühle viele grüne Pflanzen

Outdoor Trends 2020 einfache Details LED Beleuchtung Fensterrahmen am Zaun

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