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Cute posters with nature for your little ones


Some of the most popular decorations in recent years are posters. Their potential can be exploited in the context of many trends. They go much better with modern, minimalist interiors than pictures or other traditional decorations.

If they are placed in a stylish frame, they get an elegant character. They also prove to be excellent as decorations for a children’s room. Patterns inspired by nature work particularly well in this setting. Why does the little one like such a poster? Nature offers a huge variety of interesting and enchanting motifs – plants, animals, beautiful landscapes … The choice is really large, so you can easily find topics that suit your child’s environment. However, always remember to adjust the aesthetics of such an adornment to suit the age and interests of your child.

Eco poster – nature, forest and its inhabitants

An eco arrangement with a forest motif has been a real hit in recent years. Due to its subtle aesthetics, it is very often used successfully in children’s rooms. If you want to make it in your child’s bedroom, you should definitely consider suitable accessories: “Forest” posters. Depending on the child’s interests, you can reach for cheerful and fairytale-like depictions of cute forest animals. Images of happy squirrels chasing each other in the trees, cute bears, red foxes or wise owls animate and bring colors to every child’s bedroom. Posters with a motif of trees, bushes and other plants also work well as part of “green” arrangements.

Poster nature in the orchard in the children's room
Green and blue shades have a fresh and balancing effect in any environment

You can choose from four different patterns that are inspired by the seasons. Posters, which have an educational function in addition to their decorative function, look great in the nursery. For example, you can show pictures of letters of the alphabet with flowering branches and brightly colored leaves, or drawings of useful insects with inscriptions in English.

Also, keep in mind that each poster can easily be replaced with a new one if necessary. So you can change the children’s room decoration and choose new designs.

Universal poster – landscapes and beautiful views

If you are looking for a decoration around which you can create a really interesting nursery arrangement, one of the best ideas can be to rely on picturesque landscapes. It is worthwhile first to consider the illustrations of the most characteristic, picturesque creations of nature. When it comes to happy and cute designs for a toddler, there really are plenty of suitable options to choose from. Posters with drawings depicting fairytale mountain peaks (which are often gray, green and blue) can be combined with light pine, for example. For a change, a small child’s room should be decorated in a maritime style with graphics with a sandy beach, seashells and a mermaid sitting on a rock.

Poster Natur und Baeume im Kinderzimmer
Stimulating African landscape in poster form

If your child is particularly fascinated by a region of the world (e.g. Africa full of exotic animals), it is worth taking advantage of this fact and adding references to his interests in the room decoration. Drawings of the Grand Canyon, American ranches or graphics with mustangs, straight from the Westerns, prove their worth in the bedroom of a little cowboy. Little explorers may be able to appeal to decorations that depict unusual animals from the tropics.

Painted landscape posters are also a very versatile option. Such patterns should be matched to the interior decoration in terms of colors. In bright, sunny rooms, these can be images of mountain meadows with copper-colored grass swaying in the wind. In rooms that are kept in the colors dark and sky blue, graphics with mountain peaks can appear between white clouds. However, if your interior is based on pastel pinks and whites, go for flowering orchards.

Interesting poster – nature (landscape)

Most of the posters available on the market are made in portrait orientation. It is the most popular format because, in terms of aesthetics, it is often much easier to fit into the existing interior. However, it does not fit every room layout. If your child’s room is sloping or the arrangement of the furniture does not leave much room for decorations, it is worth reaching for horizontal posters. Photographs that show colorful autumn leaves, a forest, a sandy beach, a garden full of flowers or a wide meadow are ideal for this format.

Poster Natur und Waldtiere
Poster nature and forest animals

Of course, you can also choose posters that depict different four-legged friends: domestic or wild animals. As before, it all depends on the young child’s tastes and the style in which you want to furnish the room. The horizontal format of the decoration will certainly give you more freedom if you have a small space.


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