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Damian Gabrielle – An American Businessman With a Specialization in Mobile Phone Accessories

Damian Gabrielle is an entrepreneur by profession who specializes in mobile phone accessories. Over the years, his business has earned him significant income. Damian prefers keeping a low profile when it comes to his personal life, choosing instead not to share much information with media.

Olga Kurylenko is a well-known actress and model who played Camille Montes in Quantum of Solace – his 22nd James Bond movie.

Early Life and Education

Damian Gabrielle was born and raised in the United States. After attending local elementary and secondary schools for his primary education, he later attended a cutting-edge tertiary institute to earn a Master of Business Administration from Stanford University.

After finishing his educational journey, he joined his father’s business to learn all he could about the industry. Later, he started selling mobile phone accessories as his own venture; which proved immensely successful and saw him make significant money.

Cedric Van Mol is perhaps best-known as the ex-husband of French actress and model Olga Konstantinovna Kurylenko; this was her second husband as she had previously been intimate with famous French photographer Cedric Van Mol.

Professional Career

Damian Gabrielle is an American business entrepreneur specializing in mobile phone accessories. He gained public notice when he married Ukrainian-French actress Olga Kostantinova Kurylenko in 2006.

Gabrielle and Paul were married for just one year before parting ways in 2007. Since then, Gabrielle has kept quiet about his personal life.

He completed his secondary education at a local high school before attending United States University for his Bachelor’s degree and Stanford University for a Master’s of Business Administration degree.

His father is an esteemed businessman and thus, he inherited much experience in this field. Furthermore, he made numerous successful investments across different sectors of the economy as an experienced entrepreneur with an impressive net worth.

Achievement and Honors

Damian Gabrielle has built himself an enviable career as an entrepreneur specializing in mobile phone accessories. He garnered media coverage when he tied the knot with Ukrainian-French actress Olga Kurylenko in 2006. However, their marriage ended due to unspecified reasons in 2007.

His journey from businessman to public recognition through his brief marriage with a celebrity shows how unpredictable life can be. An American citizen of white ethnic background who practices Christianity.

He stands an average height of 5 feet 10 inches and weighs approximately 80 kilograms, wearing size ten shoes according to US measurement system. At 46 years old he currently resides with his family somewhere within United States but their identities are currently unknown to the general public.

Personal Life

Damian Gabrielle is an established businessman who makes a substantial income through mobile phone accessories sales. Born and residing in the US, Damian attended high school before going on to earn his university degree.

He does not share much on social media platforms and prefers living alone.

He first made headlines by marrying Olga Kurylenko in 2006. Unfortunately, within four years they separated as Olga was already involved with Cedric Van Mol and at that point in time she and John could no longer cohabitate as expected.

Net Worth

Damian Gabrielle is an American entrepreneur renowned for his success in mobile accessory retail. With a net worth estimated at $3 Million and as one of Olga Kurylenko’s former flames he holds a net worth estimated at over $8 Million.

Former couple got married in 2006 but quickly parted ways two years later in 2007. Unfortunately, no clear explanation exists as to why their union didn’t last longer.

Gabrielle was born and raised in the United States of white ethnicity. Now 46 years old, he stands an average height and sports brown eyes. Keeping a low-profile life, he keeps personal details out of media reports, doesn’t have any children and works tirelessly on his business with an excellent reputation in his field.

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