Dan Anderson

Dan Anderson is a Financial Planner and Owner of Parkshore Wealth Management

Daniel takes pride in listening to his clients’ needs and assisting them through the loan process. His understanding of individual situations allows him to provide tailor-made home loans.

Judge Maldonado overturned Dan’s conviction because new DNA testing of Ms. Trunko’s fingernail clippings excluded him as the perpetrator of her murder.

Early Life and Education

Though he enjoyed great artistic success throughout his lifetime, Andersen’s early life was often marred by hardship. Raised in an environment that discouraged ambition, theatre provided him an escape into an imaginative world away from the impoverished working-class daily life of Odense. Andersen was sensitive to both praise and censure but craved approval to the point of exhaustion.

After seven years of rigorous schooling, Andersen published his first poem in 1828; two years later his Fodreisen fra Holmens Canal to Ostpynten af Amager earned enough money for him to travel Europe where he met Giuseppe Siboni of the Royal Choir School and composer C. E. F. Weyse who took a liking to him and raised money on his behalf.

Professional Career

Daniel comes from a long line of helpers. His grandfather was a life insurance salesman who would sometimes cover premium payments of struggling clients so their policies wouldn’t lapse; this sense of empathy has carried over into Dan’s own work as a Roseville fee-only financial planner and co-founder of Parkshore Wealth Management.

Andersen has since returned from competing at the World Championships with Zack to train new horses for future competitions, setting his sights on Olympic participation with Nanna Merrald Rasmussen riding alongside him to further solidify their status as Danish dressage stars.

Achievement and Honors

Performance Sales International recognized Danish dressage rider Daniel Bachmann Andersen of Blue Hors Stud on Saturday for his sporting achievements. As head rider he has competed at European Championships and Nations Cups along with World Equestrian Games competition. Additionally he will serve as guest rider at this year’s Pavo Cup which tests four, five, and six year old dressage horses.

The Gregory Lynn Andersen Scholarship was established in 1983 to remember a physics major who received her degree at the University of Washington but died shortly afterwards due to an automobile-bicycle collision. It offers multi-quarter tuition scholarships to outstanding physics majors.

Personal Life

Daniel lives with his family in El Dorado Hills and Cache Valley in Utah. In his free time he enjoys hiking, bicycling and skiing as well as practicing Aikido and teaching yoga. Additionally, Daniel enjoys playing piano classical music such as Bach Lute Suites.

Dan is fortunate to have the support of both family and friends in his fight for justice, including Steve Drizin, Josh Tepfer, Laura Nirider, Megan Crane from CWCY Law Group; Weston Sager as well as three Northwestern Law students: Amanda Toy, Leidy Valencia and Rachel Abbot.

Former rugby league coach Craig Reardon is known to keep his personal life private, with no information regarding who his wife or children may be. However, he shows great affection towards animals and is passionately dedicated to animal rights activism.

Net Worth

Daniel Anderson has an estimated net worth between $1 and $3 Million and earned it as a musician.

Dan is the Managing Director for Andersen’s Private Client Services practice and offers advice to ultra-high net worth individuals, their families, their privately held companies and family offices on income tax planning matters. Additionally, he possesses extensive expertise advising clients regarding fiduciary income taxes, charitable giving strategies and wealth transfer planning issues.

Clients seek his guidance to reduce financial uncertainty, while he enjoys helping them to prioritize their goals. Working with people passionate about the future makes the journey even more exciting!

He serves clients at Parkshore Wealth Management in Roseville, California and holds the Certified Financial Planner(TM) professional designation.

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