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Dan Breen – A CondoPak Program Underwriter

Daniel Breen is a lawyer dedicated to making his clients whole again. Using understanding, networking and persuasion he strives to secure his clients the best outcome.

Breen was initiated into the Irish Republican Brotherhood in 1912 and joined the Irish Volunteers two years later. During the War of Independence he held a PS10,000 bounty on his head as well as being involved in many ambushes and shoot-outs.

Early Life and Education

He was a member of the Anti-Treaty IRA and took part in the Irish Civil War as an opponent to Anglo-Irish Treaty. Following two months spent in America he returned home where he stood for election at 1923 General Election before remaining unopposed until retiring at 1965 General Elections.

He participated in several successful IRA barrack attacks including Hollyford and Drangan. In November 1919 he was wounded during an ambush near Knocklong and attempted to assassinate Viceroy of Ireland Field Marshal John French at Ashtown; these efforts proved unsuccessful.

He is mentioned in an Irish folk ballad entitled ‘The Galtee Mountain Boy’ along with Sean Moylan, Dinny Lacey, and Sean Hogan as part of a group from Tipperary who were fighting against pro-Treaty forces during the Irish Civil War. This song recounts their travels throughout Ireland during this conflict.

Professional Career

Dan Breen was an active member of various professional organizations and served on the boards of many companies. Additionally, he served as trustee at Rockhurst College, Strake Jesuit College Preparatory, and Houston Museum of Natural Science; additionally he founded Breen Investors LP before passing its ownership onto his two sons before passing away.

In the 1920s, Breen became well-known after taking part in the Soloheadbeg ambush that signaled one of the first actions in Ireland’s War of Independence. Following this event he quickly became one of Ireland’s most wanted men; raiding barracks throughout Tipperary county.

He and Pat were married, and together had six sons whom he took great strides to keep close by organizing trips and reunions for them all.

Achievement and Honors

Breen was an outstanding defensive player and coach. Under his direction, the Trojanettes earned 94 home victories during 12 seasons with five consecutive state final appearances from 1982-86 – winning their 1983 championship en route. Breen was also known for being an accomplished writer and poet.

After his passing, his school renamed its gymnasium after him and on Friday evening current and past students and alumni came together to honor his memory.

Dan Breen was born near Donohill in County Tipperary, Ireland. Before World War I he joined both the Irish Republican Brotherhood and Irish Volunteers; later serving on a committee planning the Soloheadbeg ambush that resulted in two policemen being killed; raids against military barracks; as well as an attempt at ambushing Field Marshal John French (qv) near Ashtown in December 1919.

Personal Life

Dan Breen enjoys exploring his many interests outside the office, from hiking and camping with family to reading and coffee drinking. His extensive background in commercial umbrella insurance helps him excel as New Empire Group’s CondoPak Program Underwriter.

After his prominent role in the Soloheadbeg ambush – widely seen as one of the launching points for Ireland’s War of Independence – Breen became one of the best-known IRA volunteers. Such was his fame that a PS1,000 bounty was placed on his head.

After an extended fugitive period, Breen was eventually apprehended and spent time in Limerick and Mountjoy jails; afterwards he wrote an account of his guerrilla days under the title My Fight for Irish Freedom.

Net Worth

He is survived by his wife, Susan Cousins Breen; sons Shawn Breen Arrogante (Frances Martinez), Kelly Breen Arrogante (Kevin), Grace and Mason Arrogante. Additionally he leaves many nieces and nephews including David Breen from Tucson AZ; Russel Breen from Union NJ; Teresa Breen Mack (Schuyler) from Rollinsville CO; Debra Breen Heck (Kenneth) of Ft Worth TX as well as numerous others.

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