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Daniel Burkhoff practices both internal medicine and cardiology. Additionally, he conducts extensive research in Hemodynamics with specializations in Heart failure, Cardiogenic shock and Mechanical circulatory support research.

Harvi is an interactive simulation-based application created to teach physicians the fundamentals of hemodynamics. He served as director for CRF’s Skirball Center before serving as medical consultant to various LVAD companies including HeartWare, CircuLite and Cheetah Medical as an LVAD medical consultant.

Early Life and Education

Daniel Burkhoff attended Cornell University for four years studying Applied and Engineering Physics before receiving his medical degree at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine. Since then, he has published more than 230 papers related to cardiovascular modeling as well as basic, translational, and clinical science regarding ventricular dynamics, heart failure, novel pharmacologic therapies and device therapies. Furthermore, Burkhoff developed Harvi, an interactive simulation-based application for teaching and studying various aspects of ventricular mechanics and hemodynamics.

He has appeared in various television series and films, such as Hagath in “Business as Usual” of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine; Stilgar in one of the miniseries Children of Dune; and attorney Freddie Eccles on Agatha Christie’s Marple. Additionally, he wrote and directed the 1994 film Decadence which is adapted from his one-man play of the same name.

Professional Career

Daniel Burkhoff has made an extensive contribution to medicine through studies in Internal medicine, Cardiology, Heart failure and Hemodynamics/Cardiogenic shock research. His Internal medicine research often encompasses Surgery; while his Cardiology work covers topics like Diastole.

Harvi is an interactive simulation-based application developed to assist healthcare providers in understanding hemodynamics. Used worldwide by physicians of various levels of training to better comprehend what’s going on within patients’ hearts and circulatory systems, Harvi helps healthcare providers better comprehend what’s occurring with them.

He holds degrees in Applied and Engineering Physics from Cornell University, Medical Degree from Johns Hopkins School of Medicine and Doctorate in Biomedical Engineering from The Johns Hopkins University. Dr. Lai is widely published on cardiovascular modeling, ventricular mechanics and monitoring as well as treatments such as left ventricular assist devices for heart failure.

Achievement and Honors

CardioNerds Rounds presents Dr. Karan Desai (Former Fellow at University of Maryland Medical Center and current faculty member), in conversation with Dr. Dan Burkhoff (Director of Heart Failure, Hemodynamics and Mechanical Circulatory Support Research at Cardiovascular Research Foundation), to explore mechanical circulatory support options using pressure-volume loops as a framework.

Dr. Burkhoff has published numerous original articles and invited reviews addressing cardiovascular modeling and research from basic to clinical perspectives, encompassing aspects such as ventricular mechanics, cardiovascular monitoring, heart failure treatments with devices such as left ventricular assist devices.

Harvi, his interactive simulation-based application for teaching and researching various aspects of ventricular hemodynamics, was written by him. Additionally, he served as Director of the CRF Skirball Center for Innovation before becoming Adjunct Associate Professor of Medicine at Columbia University in New York City.

Personal Life

Tommy Das and Katie Vaughan of CardioNerds Conference Scholars recently interviewed Dr. Daniel Burkhoff of CRF for his insights on Heart Failure, Hemodynamics, and Mechanical Circulatory Support Research as well as Harvi, an interactive simulation based application to teach and research many aspects of ventricular mechanics and hemodynamics.

He holds both Bachelor of Science and Doctor of Philosophy degrees from Cornell University’s Department of Applied and Engineering Physics, as well as both Doctor of Philosophy and Medical degrees from Johns Hopkins School of Medicine. In 2003 he directed CRF’s Jack Skirball Center for Innovative Cardiovascular Research; since then he has served as Medical Director for several startups such as CircuLite (a next-gen LVAD company) and Cheetah Medical.

He serves on the speakers bureau for Abiomed, and as a consultant to Corvia Medical, Sensible Medical, Impulse Dynamics, as well as being the founder of PVLoops LLC – developer of both Harvi and the free iPad app Harvi-Student.

Net Worth

Daniel Burkhoff is an American make-up artist renowned for working with numerous celebrities. With an established following on Instagram and 133k+ followers there, his celebrity makeup looks and behind-the-scene footage keep his followers entertained and engaged. Additionally, Tatcha employs him as their official makeup artist!

Author of several peer-reviewed articles on pressure-volume relationships in the heart. He holds a doctorate in medicine from Columbia University. As well as this he has made several television appearances; Sam Seaborn in The West Wing (1999-203) Chris Traeger on Brothers and Sisters 2006-2010) Captain Owen Strand on Code Black 2016-2018 being notable ones. Lastly he advocates for mental health awareness.

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