Dan Chadderton

Dan Chadderton

Shameless Hussy went through an initial period of musician-shuffling to identify talent and personalities before reaching its current configuration – with founding members Dan Pakinas (bass) and Bob Gamache (guitar).

Chadderton’s remarks were introduced as evidence, not for their truth but to show what impact they had on Myers, thus satisfying a version of the hearsay rule that allowed for their admissibility.

Early Life and Education

Dan made his family the priority in life and spent much time with them, in addition to volunteering for various organizations within his community.

In his third year as master, King James selected him to attend a distinguished conference at Hampton Court and appointed one of its commissioners for translating the Bible.

Not out of any wish to ascend the mitre, he did not resign his mastership with any hopes of ascending it; rather he withdrew from society in preparation for change which must soon overtake him. A remarkable scholar with excellent judgement both in Greek and Hebrew languages, his lectures on logic drew large audiences.

Professional Career

Daniel Chadderton has served in leadership positions at several corporations and founded a private equity firm, serving on various public company boards of directors as well as taking an active part in philanthropic activities such as leaving Penn State Shenango a generous gift through his estate plan.

Carroll County grand jurors ultimately brought charges against Myers, alleging he hired Chadderton “on an agreement or promise of remuneration for the purpose of killing Mary Ruth Myers.” Additionally, Ernestine Marco Myers (Tina), who organized Myers and Chadderton meeting was charged but later nol prossed; Tina testified at trial that Myers paid her $10,000 to kill his sister Mary Ruth Myers.

Achievement and Honors

After experiencing a difficult eventing season in Australia that was put on pause by an outbreak of equine influenza, Chadderton decided to relocate to Maryland in order to establish her new business venture. She joins other Australian event riders in taking this step due to the virus outbreak;

Chadderton had served in Enfield’s police force for four decades and held Badge 1 (the designation given to senior employees of police departments). Recently he had been honored for his dedication at the communications unit of his department.

He and his wife are longstanding Penn State alumni and supporters, but have taken their commitment even further by including Penn State Shenango in their estate plans as a beneficiary through a charitable lead trust. This gift will create significant opportunities for engineering students at Penn State Shenango in the future.

Personal Life

Carroll County grand jurors charged Myers and Tina as accomplices when indicting him for murdering Mary Ruth Myers’ wife; Chadderton received $10,000 to murder Mary Ruth while hiring someone else to physically attack Tina; in turn, Tina agreed not to file formal charges against either Myers or Chadderton in exchange for testimony that incriminated both.

Appellant asserts that Bowman’s comments regarding Chadderton were hearsay and therefore inadmissible as evidence, thus violating his constitutional right to confront his accuser. We disagree. Instead, we believe this evidence was admissible for another purpose – to put into context Chadderton’s remarks against Myers; such purposes are determined solely by evidence law rather than their veracity or truth.

Net Worth

Chadderton has written over 20 collections of poetry, such as Zoom! in 1989 and Magnetic Field: The Marsden Poems in 2001. Additionally, he has translated numerous classic poems as well as appearing in TV documentaries, dramatisations, and travelogues.

His income as a popular British singer has contributed significantly to his $5 Million net worth. He is married with children and was also known for playing soccer for Holy Rosary Primary and St Augustine’s Catholic Schools in Oldham as well as Manchester United and Rochdale FC tryouts.

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