Dan Chaid

Dan Chaid, Wrestling Coach at Archbishop Mitty and History Teacher at WSU

Dan Chaid looked into the barrel of an automatic weapon with determination. A Gunderson High School graduate and Junior FILA freestyle champion, Fargo runner-up in Greco wrestling and two-time California state medalist were among his accomplishments.

Chaid received his training at Foxcatcher Farm with Dave and Mark Schultz. Now, he teaches history at Santa Clara Wilcox High and coaches wrestling for Archbishop Mitty High.

Early Life and Education

Chaid teaches history at Santa Clara’s Wilcox High and coaches wrestling at Archbishop Mitty; neither event leaves an impactful mark in his mind, with no hard feelings toward Olympic Champion Dave Schultz’s death being used by du Pont to justify his gun-toting antics.

Gunderson High graduate Matthew Ruffalo says he attempted to raise an alarm, warning of multimillionaire benefactor’s descent from eccentricity into insanity. Unfortunately, none would listen, including police officers at the scene who responded immediately after. Even now he finds it hard to believe what occurred; its story seems too unbelievable; movie ‘Foxcatcher’ by Steve Carell features du Pont while Ruffalo portrays Dave Schultz in dramatic roles; it will open nationwide on Nov 20.

Professional Career

Chaid was a four-time All-American at Oklahoma and Fargo Junior freestyle and Greco-Roman national finalist, following in the footsteps of his father Dan Chaid, an Olympic wrestler and 1985 NCAA Champion.

Gunderson High graduate Jayson created 4TelecomHelp with two friends after graduation to assist companies with telecom consulting and expense management needs.

Coach of Stanford Wrestling Team and California Regional Training Center for Olympic hopefuls, Foxcatcher was not haunting for him personally but more dramatic license could have been taken with the story; something could have been done to prevent Dave Schultz’s murder; for instance, police should have taken notice of his concerns.

Achievement and Honors

Daniel knew his interests lay in research from the moment he arrived at WSU, and within one month began work in a lab. Additionally, he has participated in multiple hackathons — 24-hour competitions where teams compete to create new technologies – competing against one another to produce breakthrough innovations.

John has twice won Western State University’s Hardware Hackathon Champion competitions and developed a device using artificial intelligence for automating produce storage and increasing shelf-life.

Chaid, who teaches history at Santa Clara’s Wilcox High School and coaches wrestling at Archbishop Mitty, is not haunted by the senseless murder depicted in Oscar-nominated movie Foxcatcher. Instead, he wants people to understand that life at Foxcatcher was far more complex than depicted in “Foxcatcher,” with many good times shared among its residents.

Personal Life

Chaid leads an active life between his duties as history teacher at Santa Clara Wilcox High and wrestling coach for Archbishop Mitty, Real Pro Wrestling coaching with California Claw, mentoring student-athletes transitioning from college into working life and mentoring Real Pro Wrestling participants.

Chaid is not bothered by his experience at Foxcatcher Farm, where multimillionaire benefactor John du Pont dominated Olympic wrestling like an eccentric monarch. Chaid attempted to alert other people of du Pont’s paranoid delusions; they ignored his warnings.

“Foxcatcher”, with Oscar nominations going to Steve Carell and Mark Ruffalo as its stars, has garnered critical acclaim. Chaid wants the world to know exactly what happened there – as depicted in the film; according to him it was more complex and disturbing than depicted; moreover he believes more dramatic liberties should have been taken.

Net Worth

Chaid, 52, teaches history at Santa Clara’s Wilcox High School while wrestling for California Claw in Real Pro Wrestling. He and Theresa live in San Jose with their two sons Daniel (11), and Mark (6).

“Foxcatcher” tells the heartbreaking tale of how du Pont shot Dave Schultz three times at close range – an act that left Chaid hoping that people can better comprehend.

Daniel Chaiello is estimated to be worth approximately 2.5 billion dollars and one of the founders of Carlyle Group, a private equity firm. His expertise lies in value-added acquisitions and divestitures, asset management, debt offerings and restructuring – areas in which he specializes. Furthermore, Daniel serves on the board of directors at Marriott Corporation.

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