Dan Hubert

Dan Hubert Cole – A Lifelong Ham Radio Enthusiast

Dan was an avid amateur radio enthusiast who delighted in making new contacts worldwide. He enjoyed spending his free time outdoors fishing and camping while traveling and cooking as much as possible.

He first found success as an entrepreneur by operating a food booth selling salmon burgers at Bumbershoot festival. Later, he owned Spud Fish and Chips in Kirkland where he expanded the menu fourfold and established it as a signature restaurant in Kirkland.

Early Life and Education

Dan Hubert Cole was raised in Spokane, Washington and went to Washington State University before entering the US Army. A proud Cougar alumni, Dan deeply loved his family – especially his daughters.

He enjoyed playing piano and was part of various bands. Additionally, he enjoyed hiking and camping activities before his passing on November 2, 2022.

St. Hubert was born into a wealthy family. As an avid hunter and archery competition participant, St. Hubert frequently competed against other noblemen for archery titles. However, when he met and married devout Christian woman at 27 who led him to reconsider his motivations; during one hunt while setting out with an antelope gun he witnessed a stag sporting an antlers bearing crucifixes which changed everything; St. Hubert eventually becoming known as patron saint of hunters.

Professional Career

Daniel Hubert was an experienced sailor who won several national titles for sculling. His competitions included double, quadruple and, on rarer occasions, octuple events. Furthermore, Daniel was an accomplished rugby player as well as being a licensed amateur radio operator.

He was part of the Calgary Stampeders team that won the 2006 Grey Cup championship and received both CIS Lineman of the Year and Canada West’s J.P. Metras Trophy nominations. Additionally, he was drafted by Toronto Argonauts in 2006 CFL Draft but never played for them.

Dan was not only successful professionally but was also generous with his time and resources. He often assisted neighbors with grocery shopping or driving them to doctor appointments, and instituted a bonus program for staff at his senior living facility.

Achievement and Honors

Hubert was a frequent guest of Johnny Carson and appeared at Dean Martin Celebrity Roast in 1973. Additionally, he frequently spoke at colleges and universities.

He was an advocate of civil rights and an adherent to liberal social policies, supporting expansion of GI Bill as well as attempts at strengthening social security.

He earned numerous accolades, such as being honored as an Officer of Canada and Knight of the Order of Merit. A popularizer of science, he particularly enjoyed discussing stars and the universe while spending time in the woods with his dog taming local raccoons. Misty and Jesse survived him.

Personal Life

Dan was an incredibly generous individual, always being there when his neighbors needed help – whether it was driving them to doctor appointments or providing groceries.

He had an affinity for connecting with people from all around the globe through ham radios. He was known for being compassionate and kind-hearted, earning recognition such as membership to Order of Canada and Honorary Colonel status in Royal Canadian Air Force, supporting veterans as a proud veteran from Afghanistan and being an outspoken advocate for animal and environmental rights.

Net Worth

Daniel Hubert was an enthusiastic traveler and family man, always on the move, who also enjoyed watching sports and playing the guitar. A graduate of Washington State University, Daniel was active within his community by volunteering services or serving on charity boards – something his friends remember fondly from when they visit him now and again.

Dan was an incredible father, husband and friend. His loss will be deeply felt by many; particularly by his two sons and daughter-in-law who will miss his help and kindness so much. Always willing to lend a helping hand he was known to go above and beyond in helping anyone in need.

He was an upstanding gentleman with an exceptional work ethic and prided himself on always seeking ways to better himself.

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