Dan Lehman

Dan Lehman

Dan was an avid reader and frequent patron of the Dwight Foster Public Library. Additionally, he enjoyed collecting family documents. Furthermore, he was an ardent Chicago Cubs and Wisconsin sports fan.

He is an experienced tax professional who specializes in complex corporate finance and tax matters, while being an active speaker at national and international conferences.

Early Life and Education

Daniel Lehman has earned acclaim as an expert on nonfiction narratives, particularly South African literature and film. Additionally, he writes extensively on character formation within nonfiction narratives as well as its philosophical, ethical, and artistic implications.

He currently works as a professor of English at Lehman College, teaching courses on social studies education. Additionally, he co-directs their program and oversees undergraduate, secondary education minor, and teacher certification pathway programs.

He is an accomplished author, having published works on topics including pluralism, Jewish texts and theologies, interreligious leadership and more. A popular speaker, he has lectured all across the United States. Marvin also boasts two daughters and three sons; as a member of San Diego’s military and Veteran communities he is very respected among his family – they all take immense pride in him!

Professional Career

Dan Lehman was a trustees’ distinguished professor of English. His books include John Reed and the Writing of Revolution (Ohio University Press) and Matters of Fact: Reading Nonfiction over the Edge. Additionally, he co-edits River Teeth Reader with University of Nebraska Press as well as River Teeth Literary Nonfiction Book Prize series.

In May 2021, he joined PCDC as its Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer, overseeing all areas of finances and operations.

As well as his executive responsibilities, he also writes news, profiles and cover stories for Backstage Online (an entertainment industry trade publication for actors) as well as serving as editor of Blog Stage (its staff blog). With over 35 years of experience in his field of expertise.

Achievement and Honors

Lehman was driven, determined, and committed to excellence – qualities which propelled him to the pinnacle of his profession. An innovative leader, Lehman helped shape biotechnology and seed business evolution into its present state.

Lehmann was also instrumental in creating small high schools within traditional New York City high schools that focused on themes related to visual art, health sciences, music and community research and learning. These small campuses focused on visual art, health sciences, music and community research & learning.

Lehman had no formal religious training but nonetheless participated actively in interfaith dialogue. According to one newspaper article, he worked to strengthen ties with secular universities such as UC Berkeley while offering “religious-ethical perspectives to public policy issues like the environment”. Unfortunately, no mention was made regarding whether Lehman supported a boycott against Israel.

Personal Life

He is the creator of the Highlands Sky 40M Trail Run, an event that takes runners up a West Virginia mountaintop. Additionally, he manages a lumber mill and carpentry work. Finally, he maintains his family life while engaging in charitable endeavors.

Lehman is the author of John Reed and the Writing of Revolution (Ohio University Press) as well as Matters of Fact: Reading Nonfiction Over the Edge and series co-editor for River Teeth Literary Nonfiction Book Prize series. His writing explores pluralism, Jewish texts/theologies/education.

His family includes Anna Shank Lehman; sons Douglas and Pete; daughter Dara; grandchildren Olivia, Jacob Riley Rowan Sam Daniel and one sister as well as being trustees at both Graduate Theological Union and multiple community boards.

Net Worth

At Skoloff & Wolfe, Lehman managed various eminent domain and condemnation projects as well as property evaluation for development feasibility and site potential – helping identify their highest and best use.

He leaves behind his beloved wife of 63 years, DeAnn Lehman; two daughters Sarah (John) Ceelen and Debra Lehman as well as two sons David Lehman and Doug Lehman as well as four grandchildren and an extended family.

SEC filings indicate that Daniel Lehman holds a total of 59,630 units of Capitol Federal Financial Inc stock valued at over $357,780 and made no insider trading transactions over the last 18 months. GuruFocus monitors insider trading performance by analyzing Form 4 filings; learn more about our analysis methodology here.

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