Dana Mecum

Dana Mecum auction events are known for offering an impressive variety of classic cars ranging from muscle cars, pre-war classics and Italian exotics – something for everyone at these auctions!

Mecum is married, with four sons who all play key roles at his company. He and his family reside in Geneva Lakes region of Southeastern Wisconsin. Mecum owes much of his success and wealth to his passion for automobiles – which led him to start an auction company at his dining room table before expanding it into one of the leading antique, vintage, and collector car auction companies globally.

Early Life and Education

Dana Mecum has turned his passion for automobiles into a successful business venture through Mecum Auctions. Now an industry icon in collector vehicle auction events across the nation, his auction house hosts regular auctions that draw an eager following of collectors.

Mecum founded his company with his wife Patti and several close friends from their kitchen table in 1988. Through hard work and patience he has grown it into an immensely successful enterprise.

Mecum is married to Patti and together they have four sons that serve as key members of his team at Mecum Auctions. They reside in Geneva Lakes area of Southeastern Wisconsin. Together they have nine grandchildren. There were reports in March 2020 of Mecum’s impending death; however he still continues his business endeavors and contributes significantly to collector car community.

Professional Career

Dana Mecum is a successful entrepreneur who made his fortune through creating Mecum Auctions – now one of the leading auction firms for antique, vintage and collector car auctions worldwide.

Mecum Auctions of Walworth, Wisconsin operates over one auction event per month with over 15,000 automobiles on offer and hosts various television programs showcasing them.

Mecum is married to his wife Patti and lives in Southeastern Wisconsin’s Geneva Lakes region with four sons that all work as active members of Mecum team; nine grandkids also make up this household. There were reports of his death in March 2020 but he’s still active within both Mecum team and collector vehicle sector.

Achievement and Honors

Dana Mecum has accomplished many remarkable feats during his career. As one of the foremost experts on classic cars and collectibles, he stands out among celebrity experts with his tireless passion and devotion to work in this field. Mecum Auctions – his company known for hosting annual car auctions in Indianapolis, Indiana – also makes him stand out.

Personal Life

Dana Mecum hails from a family with an interest in cars. As such, his business, Mecum Auctions, was launched while sitting at his dining room table – becoming now one of the world’s largest antique, vintage, and collector car and motorcycle auction companies. Patti Mecum serves as his wife; together they have four sons and nine grandchildren that reside in Geneva Lakes region of southeastern Wisconsin.

Mecum Auctions began as a company started around his dining room table but has quickly grown into one of the world’s leading vehicle auction firms, now holding over one auction per month and boasting an inventory of 15,000 vehicles annually. Mecum has appeared on various television series as an expert on cars and motorcycles.

Net Worth

Beginning Midwest Car Auction after becoming passionate and knowledgeable about cars, Dana Mecum has turned it into one of the world’s premier antique, classic, and collector car auction companies. His success and wealth have made him an influential force in the collector vehicle industry and made television shows such as Mecum Dealmakers and Mecum Auto Auctions: Muscle Cars & More frequent stops for his auctions.

Dana Mecum is married to Patti and has four sons that are active members of his company as well as nine grandchildren, all living together in Geneva Lakes area of southeastern Wisconsin.

Rumors swirl that Mecum may be suffering from cancer; however, neither the businessman or his company have confirmed this fact. Mecum remains alive and continues to operate his successful auction company.

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