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Dani Alarcon – Real Estate Agent in Houston, TX

Daniela Alarcon with REALM Real Estate Professionals – North Houston is an agent located in Houston, TX. You can view her profile, listings and neighborhoods here.

Daniela Alarcon earns an annual salary of $93,223, which works out to an hourly wage of $45. This amount is lower than reported for similar companies such as Scanlon Duncan LLP.

Early Life and Education

Dani Alarcon was raised in Lima, Peru where she witnessed the Shining Path’s deadly insurgency first-hand. Alarcon has chronicled these experiences through short stories published both domestically and in Latin America; City of Clowns was her debut collection published in 2003 followed by War by Candlelight and Lost City Radio; her latest novel At Night We Walk in Circles was published later that same year.

Alarcon’s fearless writing style stands out in any narrative; from depicting neighborhood turf wars to covering guerrilla wars raging across countries. She co-founded and executive produced Radio Ambulante, an award-winning podcast which provides long-form narrative journalism covering Latin America through podcasts distributed by NPR, winning multiple awards along the way.

Professional Career

English major (GPA 3.9), experienced with calendar management, travel planning and email correspondence. Eager to join an employer that values its employees while offering top-notch customer service.

Daniela is an enthusiastic scuba diver, hiker and traveler with a passion for ocean conservation and organic gardening. She strives to minimize her waste output and consume fewer products so as to leave behind a better world for future generations. Additionally, Daniela plans on continuing marine research through emblematic projects while informing policymakers of potential threats facing Galapagos Islands. Currently working as Special Education Project Coordinator at Galapagos Science Center she aspires to become a leader in protected area management and conservation – her current salary amounted at $93,223 or $45.50 an hour!

Personal Life

Daniel Alarcon was born March 5, 1977 in Lima, Peru and currently resides in New York. He co-founded, hosted, and executive produced Radio Ambulante – an award-winning Spanish language podcast distributed by NPR – is co-founder, host, executive producer, teacher at Columbia Journalism School’s New York campus as well as contributing Latin America-related articles to The New Yorker magazine. Additionally he wrote short story collection War by Candlelight as well as novels Lost City Radio and At Night We Walk in Circles

Alarcon enjoys spending his free time rock climbing and ocean diving, advocating for organic agriculture and reducing unnecessary consumption to leave behind a better world for future generations. Furthermore, he’s an enthusiastic cook who enjoys trying out different recipes in his free time.

Net Worth

Daniela Alarcon is an esteemed novelist with a substantial net worth, amassing this fortune through writing, journalism and broadcasting careers. Additionally, she hosts and executive produces Radio Ambulante podcast, using long-form audio journalism to address neglected or under-reported stories in Latin America.

He teaches audio storytelling techniques at Columbia University’s Journalism School and writes for The New Yorker magazine.

Martin Guerrero and Carolina Guerrero founded Radio Ambulante together, alongside Camila Segura and Annie Correal. Together they have two children together and reside in New York City with them all.

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