Daniel Androphy

Daniel Androphy – A Man of Immense Intellect and Creativity

Daniel Androphy was born in Waterbury, Connecticut to Leonard Androphy – owner of Androphy’s furniture store – and Asnah Androphy. A well-read and self-motivated individual, Daniel delighted his friends and family alike by sharing his unique insights, opinions, creativity and passions – especially with nieces and nephews. Daniel was also a dedicated member of Temple Emanu-EL in Sarasota Florida.

Early Life and Education

Leonard Androphy of Androphy’s Furniture and Appliances and Asnah Androphy were parents to six children; Leonard graduated with a B.S. in Electrical Engineering from Brown University while earning his medical degree at University of Connecticut. He was an orthopedic surgeon and physician known for developing tools for triplanar knee replacement surgeries that offered greater mobility and less discomfort for his patients. A member of Temple Emanu-El in Sarasota, Florida he was active in his community. At his passing, Daniel Androphy is survived by his wife Karen, his brothers Joel and Jay Androphy as well as their wives Sheryl and Robin; nieces and nephews Daniel Androphy, Robyn Campbell, Jeremy Volkman, Justine Senta, David Androphy as well as many friends. Daniel was an individual of immense intellect who freely shared his research, opinions and creativity with those he encountered throughout his lifetime.

Professional Career

Leonard Androphy of Androphy’s Furniture and Appliances in Waterbury, Connecticut and Asnah Androphy (deceased). Joel is survived by his loving wife Karen, sons Joel and Sheryl Androphy and daughter Robyn Campbell; nieces Jeremy Volkman, Justine Senta, Dawn Androphy as well as Dr Gary Androphy and Jay Androphy from his side; nephews Dr Gary Androphy and Jay Androphy are his nephews; as well as many loving family members and friends. As an accomplished orthopedic surgeon and engineer who developed tools that provided greater mobility while less pain for patients he was highly intelligent – often sharing his findings and ideas with those around him.

Achievement and Honors

He was a widely read, self-motivated researcher who loved discussing his research. Additionally, he was passionate about theater and film. A devoted member of Temple Emanu-EL and his local community, he leaves behind six nieces and nephews as well as many loving family members.

He specializes in issues pertaining to Molecular biology, Spinal muscular atrophy and transcription. His multidisciplinary Molecular biology research includes DNA replication, Cell culture and Mutant and Bovine papillomavirus studies while his Spinal muscular atrophy study centers around gene SMN1 specifically.

He has earned numerous honors in his practice. For instance, U.S. News & World Report named him as a Top New York Lawyer while Super Lawyers honored him with Tier 1 Ranking for Multiple Practice Areas. Furthermore, his pro bono practice was significant: in one case alone he secured an agreement that will reduce emissions of 1,3 butadiene to statistically insignificant levels in an impoverished neighborhood.

Personal Life

Gary Wayne Androphy passed away April 28 at age 72 in Sarasota, Florida. Born in Waterbury Connecticut to Leonard Androphy (owner of Androphy’s Furniture and Appliances) and Asnah Androphy, Gary was an accomplished, well-read intellectual who loved sharing his wide array of interests with family and friends alike – be they theater and film, computers or history and culture. Gary leaves behind his wife Karen along with Joel (Sheryl) Androphy and Jay Androphy (Robin), plus 6 nieces and nephews/nepheses/none of Joel’s siblings Joel Androphy (Sheryl) Androphy (Sheryl), Jay Androphy (Robin), plus 6 nieces/nephesies/nepheles Temple Emanu-EL in Sarasota.

Net Worth

Gary Wayne Androphy was born in Waterbury, Connecticut to Leonard Androphy – owner of Androphy’s Furniture and Appliances – and Asnah Androphy. Gary was known to be self-motivated, curious, well-read and an avid supporter of theater and film. He was an innovative thinker who freely shared his creativity, research, and opinions with family and friends. His area of expertise included orthopedic surgery and engineering. He is widely recognized for developing tools to perform triplanar knee replacements, providing greater mobility and reduced pain for his patients today. Joel Androphy and Jay Androphy survive him along with Daniel Androphy’s niece Robyn Campbell; nephews Jeremy Volkman and Justine Senta as well as many other loving family members and friends.

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