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Estate Litigation Attorney – Daniel Antonelli

As a registered court-appointed fiduciary for New York State Surrogate’s Court and through private practice, Daniel Antonelli works on cases related to decedent estate administration such as will contests, kinship hearings and accounting disputes.

Antonelli & Antonelli’s managing partner is an honors graduate from California Western School of Law who was then admitted to the bar in 2007. Additionally, he remains active within both Brooklyn Bar Association and Trusts & Estates section.

Early Life and Education

Daniel Antonelli has been practicing law in New York State and before various United States district courts since 2007. He specializes in probate of decedent estates, estate litigation and real estate.

Daniel excelled academically during his high school years and was set on attending college. He excelled in school activities as an active participant. Daniel later earned a baccalaureate in modern languages and music. Later still, he completed Dalcroze Eurhythmics training, an approach for awakening, developing, and refining one’s innate musicality through rhythmic movement and ear training.

After graduating university, he attended California Western’s law school before being admitted to the New York bar in 2007. Since that time he has become a registered Court-Appointed Fiduciary at New York Surrogate’s Court and his practice specializes in Estate & Trust Litigation.

Professional Career

Antonelli provides estate and trust litigation representation in New York. As a lawyer, he serves as co-chair for the Trusts and Estates Section at Brooklyn Bar Association; additionally he frequently speaks at continuing legal education seminars.

He is registered as a Court-Appointed Fiduciary with New York State Surrogate’s Court and through private practice has extensive experience with estate administration including will contests, accounting disputes and kinship hearings.

His accolade of New York Super Lawyer was granted only to select attorneys. Known for his responsiveness and candor in handling sensitive client matters, he is committed to giving back to the community by volunteering his services free of charge or speaking at Continuing Legal Education seminars.

Achievement and Honors

Antonelli has amassed numerous honors and awards throughout his career in law. In particular, he was selected as part of the Super Lawyers group; an honor held only by a select few lawyers.

He finds his work rewarding, describing the Geddes Language Center as “an engaging multilingual workplace”. Aside from performing archival duties, he works alongside intelligent and friendly colleagues eager to learn.

He recently led his students on a study abroad trip to Switzerland, visiting his old school and experiencing its history and culture. This trip formed part of his dissertation research into the educative impact of music study abroad programs; additionally he also participated in an US-Malaysian collaboration that took place in Kelantan rainforest.

Personal Life

Daniel Antonelli leads an outstanding life of service and dedication to others. His dedication is evidenced through various projects he organized for an NYC high school without music programs; for instance a trip he organized was provided out of pocket so students could use five gallon buckets as drums while researching and writing papers about their chosen instrument of study.

As a lawyer, he is also dedicated to helping those in their time of need. During the COVID-19 pandemic, he helped coordinate a pro bono program for families impacted by COVID. Furthermore, he serves as chair for Trusts & Estates section at Brooklyn Bar Association.

Net Worth

Given his many films and television shows starring him as well as episodes, it should come as no surprise that he has amassed millions. This income came mainly from movies like World Trade Center, Eraser, Crimson Tide and Titanic where his work earned him millions in returns.

He has made substantial returns on his investments since 2003. Since then, he has executed 11 trades of United Natural Foods stock for a total value of over $780,750 on 1 December 2006. His largest trade included exercising 37,500 units of UNFI stock on that date alone.

He currently works at BlackRock Credit Allocation Income Trust as Portfolio Manager, overseeing their Miami-based Commercial Loan Servicing and Asset Management platforms for 3650 REIT and Grass River Property. With 15+ years of experience in commercial real estate, loan asset management, loan servicing and more he brings extensive knowledge in these areas to bear.

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