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Daniel James Baudino, 38, Turned Himself in on Thursday After More Charges Against Him Were Added

Daniel Baudino, 38 years old and teaching band in Turlock’s Hi-Tech District band program was arrested back in November for engaging in sexual misconduct with students; now facing additional charges as Hi-Tech detectives found more child pornographic material from digital evidence seized from him in November arrest. On Thursday night he surrendered himself for arrest after Turlock Police Department Hi-Tech Detectives discovered new child pornography from digital evidence seized in November arrest.

As soon as his mugshot was made public, two more victims came forward with claims for sexual crimes that occurred between 2015 and 2019 against him. Now facing 40 charges including 35 felonies.

Early Life and Education

Daniel Baudino, 38, has been charged with numerous sex-based felonies after an alleged victim came forward with allegations against the Turlock band teacher. After gathering more evidence and interviewing two more potential victims who came forward on Nov. 1, police charged Daniel Baudino with 10 additional offenses.

Hi-Tech Detectives found new evidence in the vast amount of digital evidence seized during Baudino’s initial arrest, including eleven counts of using minors to produce child pornography and one count of sexually assaulting juveniles between June and August 2016 when employed as band teacher at both Turlock Junior High and Dennis Earl Elementary Schools; therefore he was placed on paid administrative leave as standard protocol.

Professional Career

As a band teacher at both Turlock High School and Dennis Earl Elementary School, Baudino worked undercover at both schools as an alleged perpetrator of sexual offenses against underage students. Following a report by an anonymous victim to police, on November 1st he was arrested and charged with nine sexual offenses against minors.

Police state they seized an abundance of digital evidence during the initial arrest. While reviewing it, Hi-Tech Detectives discovered more evidence suggesting Baudino may have secretly recorded these acts.

Two additional victims came forward following his initial arrest and on November 18th he was again taken into custody, this time facing 40 charges – 35 of them felonies. As part of this arrangement with his school district he has been placed on paid administrative leave until further proceedings can be completed in Stanislaus County Jail on these latest allegations.

Achievement and Honors

Daniel Baudino was arrested and charged with nine sexual offenses against minors in November 2021. Since his mugshot became public knowledge more victims have come forward and more charges, such as child pornography have been levied against him.

A 38-year-old is charged with engaging in unlawful sexual intercourse and oral copulation with a minor during 2016. At that time he was on paid administrative leave.

Investigators found more evidence against Baudino after reviewing all of his digital evidence from his initial arrest, which allegedly dates between 2015 and 2021, including allegations such as covertly recording sexual acts without informing the victims first. Now facing 40 felony charges.

Personal Life

Personal Life Baudino leads an active life and enjoys travel. Together with his wife he enjoys hiking, rafting, motorcycle and bicycle riding as well as being a member of Our Lady of Guadalupe Church in Pojoaque New Mexico.

Daniel Baudino was arrested by Turlock police for alleged sexual acts involving children that took place between June and August of 2016. At that time he was employed at Turlock Junior High and Dennis Earl Elementary Schools as a band teacher at the time.

On October 28, a confidential victim came forward with at least nine incidents involving Baudino as teacher. After conducting additional investigation, detectives discovered evidence of additional crimes he perpetrated such as covertly recording sexual acts without consent and covertly recording sexual acts without the other party’s knowledge and agreement. Baudino now faces 40 charges; 35 are felonies.

Net Worth

According to police records, 38-year-old Daniel James Baudino was arrested three times on Nov. 18 after being accused of having sexual contact with former students from Turlock Junior High School and Dennis Earl Elementary School. Following an initial arrest – paid leave was given until two additional victims came forward – 40 charges of sexual crimes including five counts of recording sexual activity without consent and 11 charges related to using minors to create child pornography were levelled against him and placed back under arrest by school district personnel.

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