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Dr Daniel Carlyle

Daniel Carlyle is one of three billionaires who established global private equity firm Carlyle Group along with William Conway and David Rubenstein in 1982. As an avid philanthropist, Carlyle supports various organizations like Syracuse University’s National Veterans Resource Center as well as Wolf Trap Foundation of the Performing Arts.

He is an engaging lecturer who’s quite amusing compared to other BUSN professors. He requires mandatory attendance and doesn’t permit technology use in class; homeworks may be long and complex but exams are easy if students grasped the material well.

Early Life and Education

He attended Miami East High School before going on to Ohio University, graduating in 1994 as a member of Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity and working at both 84 Lumber and Peters Printing Co – where his family business also is located – among many other places. At Miami East, he enjoyed participating in musical productions as well as participating in sports like soccer, tennis and football; deer hunting was another passion he indulged in frequently during visits home in Wisconsin.

Carlyle was an outstanding professor, caring deeply about each of his students and being stricter regarding attendance and calling out students, which helps ensure all understand the content. His lectures were engaging and enjoyable while exams were generally simple with only some challenging questions being included on exams. I would definitely recommend him!

Professional Career

David Rubenstein and William E. Conway Jr are co-founders of Carlyle Group, an investment management firm. Prior to co-founding Carlyle Group, he worked at Trans World Airlines and Pepsi. Today he serves on Syracuse University’s Board of Trustees while also chairing Wolf Trap Foundation for Performing Arts.

Errol has extensive experience representing acquirers, targets, and special committees in domestic and cross-border transactions across a wide variety of industries. Additionally, he offers advice to clients regarding private financing or capital raising transactions; securities/corporate governance matters; as well as equity incentive arrangements.

He is an excellent professor who conveys content clearly, yet sometimes wanders from its intended path during lectures. Exams can be difficult but manageable provided you study thoroughly the material provided to you in class and study up on what has been covered; attendance requirements can be stringent; however if you miss class he will call out on you immediately!

Achievement and Honors

Carlyle has received many prestigious honors throughout his career, such as being recognized by Forbes as one of America’s Top 100 Business Leaders and receiving the CME STEM Leadership Award from the American Chemical Society. Additionally, he served on the Wolf Trap Foundation for the Performing Arts board and was on its Chancellor’s Council at Syracuse University.

Choreographer of the 2015 New York Spring Spectacular featuring the Rockettes at Radio City Music Hall; director and choreographer for Hello Dolly! revival at Shubert Theater; as well as working on several television projects including: the 68th and 69th Annual Tony Awards Broadcasts on CBS; five seasons of So You Think You Can Dance and Deception with Hugh Jackman as one.

Personal Life

Dr. Daniel Carlyle of Port Saint Lucie, FL and Cleveland Clinic Martin North Hospital is an anesthesiology specialist with 2023 years of experience.

His approach to work, according to him, has been crucial in his success. Clare recalls an incident when one of his colleagues wanted to buy a software company but Clare thought it too risky; unfortunately, they made their purchase anyway and lost millions from this transaction.

Trans World Airlines and Pepsi were both key employers during his career before cofounding Carlyle with William Conway Jr. and David Rubenstein in 1987. Additionally, he serves on Syracuse University’s board of trustees and corporate advisory council for Martin J. Whitman School of Management.

Net Worth

Daniel D’aniello is one of the co-founders of Carlyle Group with an estimated net worth estimated at $3.1 billion dollars. Known for his shrewd investments, he has played an instrumental role in its success over time. D’aniello has an extensive background in finance as he served as Financial Officer at TWA and Pepsico during his long career.

His firm with Bill Conway and David Rubenstein has grown into one of the world’s premier global investment firms with assets under management totaling $381 billion.

Daniel D’aniello is a Director & 10% Owner of The Carlyle Group Inc (CG). In the past 18 months, no insider transactions were completed by Daniel at CG; for more information regarding insider trading at this organization please see here.

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