Daniel Celeghin

Daniel Celeghin

Daniel Celeghin can be reached for contact details, relatives, public records and past addresses including Connecticut and Texas. You can find info for many other professionals like Daniel Celeghin.

Indefi, a strategy consultant to money managers, has appointed Daniel Celeghin as its new Managing Partner in New York to oversee its expansion across North America. Celeghin will oversee client relationships and research operations.

Professional Career

Daniel Celeghin has been working in the finance industry since 2005 and specializes in customer experience strategy and finance. Additionally, he is an experienced asset management consultant. Daniel has assisted numerous companies improve their customer service offerings and deliver better results; with a broad array of experiences working with many top customers he boasts an extensive clientele.

In 2021, he joined management consulting firm Indefi to expand their business into North America. As Head of its US Team he works closely with asset managers on sustainability and impact strategies while also offering advice regarding growth initiatives and expansion into private markets.

He has been active across Asia Pacific since 2005, covering projects as diverse as asset management ownership structures and remuneration practices, operating model benchmarking, distribution organization design and go-to-market strategy creation, product innovation strategies as well as M&A advisory and due diligence due diligence services.

Personal Life

Daniel Celeghin lives in Ithaca, New York with his wife and children. He has served as an advisor to multiple private equity and hedge fund managers; is involved with non-profit organizations; holds board membership positions of several public companies; earned his B.S. in operations research and industrial engineering from Cornell University; currently acts as managing partner at Indefi where he oversees its expansion in North America with projects that span asset ownership/remuneration practices, operational model benchmarking, alternative product development/distribution organization design as well as “go-to-market” strategy

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